• Wasn't it mainly France?
  • France, Belgium, England, The Netherlands...more than one did.
  • Germany Britain France Belgium Holland (South Africa) with Britain.
  • apart from those mentioned, Italy colonized Ethiopia, or part of it.
  • Pretty well all of them. Dutch influence is still strong in South Africa. Britain settled South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Kenya and others, Belgium had The Congo, The Portuguese had Angola and were in The Congo before the Belgians, France had the Ivory Coast (La Côte Ivoire) and much of North Africa, Germany had German East Africa, which is now three separate countries. Only Spain, of the major European countries, seems to not have had colonies in Africa.
  • Ethiopia Never Colonized by Italy nor by European Coutries, Eritrea did but Eritrea is not part of Ethiopia.
  • First off, do your own homework. Secondly, there were several European countries that colonized Africa. For example, Germany controlled what is now Tanzania for a time in the early 20th Century. Great Britain and France colonized huge swaths of territory. Portugal and Italy were also in the game.

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