• Actually. Yes quite unintentionally, I was driving in my last car and the back driver side tire FELL OFF!!! I could have died... But didn't so it was awesome. except for the whole broken car and repair thing... that part sucked. But over all it was actually fairly shitty
  • The actual last three wheeled car produced in the USA was the Davis manufactured for a short time around 1946. Isetta made a car in the 1950s having the rear wheels closer together looking like a three wheeled vehicle. There have been all terrain vehicles with three wheels but were very unstable. I have never driven or ridden in one,
  • I suppose a rickshaw doesn't count. If it does I rode them in India. They were so light they would just tip them to the side to expose the undercarriage Last year I did see a specialty car with two wheels in the front and one in the back, ultra modern space-age looking vehicle.
  • not yet
  • Yes. In the UK a full motorcycle licence allows you to drive a three-wheeled car below a certain weight (550kg or 1210lbs I think). A comany called Reliant specialised in such vehicles. My stepfather only had a bike licence so we had several of these when I was a kid.
  • nope never

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