• Unless that leftover turkey is raw or only semi-cooked (as in a marinade), you're going to have a tough time (no pun intended) making jerky from it. Meat needs to be uncooked to create jerky since in making jerky you're removing the moisture from it. Cooked meat will already have most of the moisture removed and is just going to become hard and dry.
  • Leftover turkey as in cooked? Too late. You can only jerky things that are raw, marinating it before to absorb some nice flavors and then drying it. It's already had a 'treatment'. Sorry.
  • Slice marinade and dry. Were you looking for a recipe? As previously stated turkey jerky is usually made from raw turkey meat. As for the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving it can be made up in several different ways. I usually slice, individually wrap and freeze the breast immediately after cooking it and we dine on the legs for Thanksgiving dinner unless I have guests that like white meat. I debone the back and use that in noodle soup or vegetable soup with some of the white meat. It can also be used in turkey salad, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos casseroles and such.

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