• 3 days
  • 2 days. any more than that, and your intestines turn into ham.
  • 5 days and then I will freeze some of the meat to make into pot pies or soup in a few weeks.
  • till theyre gone or the dog dies
  • It depends. If it's Canadian Thanksgiving, we eat it for two days. Whatever is left then goes in the freezer to be used as we want to. We have this one at our home. If it's American Thanksgiving, we only eat it that day. We don't have leftovers since this happens with about 75 of us, my mom, siblings, nieces, nephews, and a few other misc. family members. (I have MANY siblings and five kids and eight grandkids of my own.) We also don't have just a day. We have a weekend that we spend at a lodge together. It's a blast! Oh, but with my family, Thanksgiving is all about the pie. There are over 50 pies plus other misc. desserts. Everyone who wants to gets to take pie home until it's gone. Now THAT'S the good part!!!!!!! lol
  • i dont, i usually just go to my friends house

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