• It depends on how old you are, but this exact thing happened to me. I emailed all of my profs asking for lenience due to the circumstances and how I was trying to improve myself in the discipline and profession I had chosen. Then I went out and got ripped with my friends, had a great time and forgot about school for a night. I still faile dthe course but I celebrated the fact that I failed because I was improving myself and not because I was slacking off. Do whatever will take your mind off school and make sure you reward yourself for having the balls to do what a lot of students won't.
  • Look on the bright side. You have already found a job in the industry. A job that will, in the long run, probably do more for your career in this field than any course you can take. This puts you one step ahead of most students simply taking the courses. If you need to take the course again. Do it. Don't let anything like this derail you. Learn from it and move forward.

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