• It's not wrong as long as you aren't in a relationship together...At least in america it could cause a lot of trouble for the man because it's illegal and he could go to jail for a long time and it would also be harmful psychologically to the girl...I don't know about the law in other countries
  • You haven't really asked a question, you've just mostly rambled on and put a question mark at the end of unintelligible gibberish.
  • yeah actually that is wrong. Don't you think it's a little weird that a guy that age would like a girl as young as you? And plus that is illegal.
  • That does not sound healthy at least not mentally i mean for interest sake what can u not find in some one with roughly your own age what you find in this man.
  • I don't see anything wrong with it. I hate age laws.
  • No, it's okay, it will go away. It's only important that you STAY AWAY ONE FROM ANOTHER!
  • Not if you're Tom Cruise or Woody Allen.
  • I think it's pretty normal for people your age to "fall" for older men/womwn. It is up to the adults to see to it that it goes NO further.
  • First; not with the Girl; ..........."every wild thing yearns to be loved" The "MAN" should be hunting a 20 something woman. The difference between a girl and a women of 26 is a great deal of balance and street smarts. Contrary to folk wisdom, you DO NOT need to be hurt or harmed to gain this wisdom. Live a varied life for the age you are and the experience will make you wise and street smart. When you are 25 you will be ready for your own 31 year old companion and romantic friend. Everything worth relying on lies above the neck. Ed

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