• Hordes of barbarians were pouring out of the Caucas mountains into Central Europe and displacing the tribe that had historically lived there into Roman territory. The Eastern half managed to survived the barabarians, but was destroyed by Muslim Turks in 1492.
  • It is true that the immediate cause of the fall of the Roman Empire was caused by barbaric invasions, but the main cause was the internal collapse of the empire. The many internal problems that the Romans faced; the empires large size and an inefficient government, lack of old Roman virtues and a new attitude that the empire was not worth saving, and the fact that the Roman army was filled with hired Germanic soldiers.
  • Here is one reason: The western part of the empire (including Rome) had not been self sufficient for a long time as far as food and money. Most of that came from the East. A lot of grain came from Egypt and other riches came from there and other eastern trading posts. Later emperors started to split the empire and Constantine actually moved the capital to Constantinople (aka Byzantium, Nea Roma, or Istanbul depending on date). Constantine also split the empire among his sons as did Theodosius (this second split was permanent). Essentially, the focus of the empire was shifted eastward and Rome and the west were cut off from the riches they had relied on. Rome did not have the resources then to support its people and defend against barbarian invasions. On the other hand, the eastern empire survived another millennium after the fall of the Roman Empire.
  • new religions were introduced to the empire causing arguements,less people willing to fight for the empire,... diseases brought into the country by the traveling soldiers killed thousands of people,consumed very much money for medicine, healthy people to take care of the sick, less people to work on farms, markets, ect... attacks from germanic people, huns, other babarians/invaders... killed many people. Vast amounts of money was spent for the foods, uniforms, tents, transportation to the place, weapons first aid... it destroyed the countryside, farms, along with many people's homes. romans spent too much money on entertainments and expensive luxeries. there were food shortages,money shortages, and resource shortages... the empires great size made it almost impossible to supply every one with foods and shelter, keep up with repairssuch as roads, and the terrains made it extremely hard to defend. people inside the country fought for the throne. later on ruled by emporers rather than governments that respected indivisual freedoms.
  • i am guessing that it was not put together very good. that is why anything falls. not put together good.
  • It took Edward Gibbons 6 very long volumes of "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" to explain why it happened! I don't think I'd be able to do it any justice at all in a few dozen words in an AB answer. :) But I'll say: it got too big and then split in two, the leaders got worse or mad or more interested in retaining power than actually governing, the enemies got stronger as the Empire got weaker. Lots of reasons. But all empires fall eventually...
  • internal causes- political corruption, economic problems, and a series of leaders that only cared about themselves. external causes- disease and plagues that decreased the population including the military troop numbers. (is this homework?) :P
  • Power hungry, insane leaders, period!
  • Because of the embarresment of not being able to go further North than Hadrian's wall.
  • i'm not going to write your report for you man, not goin' do it
  • their civilisation peaked and ultimately self destructed.
  • greed esscential and the fact that this was a period of barbarians in witch all empires were pushed to there limite includin the chinese and indian empires rome took batterin after battering till it could no longer cope an was distroyed by the goths the easten empire survived until the middle ages with its capital being constantinople but the glory of aceint rome was gone forever
  • Roman Empire became so large, larger than to stay in one man or one groups control. When Great Hun Empire falled, Turkish tribes immigrated to north coast of Black Sea and win against the barbarians who was living there and barbarians immigrated onto Roman Empire. Weakend Roman Empire couldn't withstand them and seperated in two.
  • The roman empire was split at times due to leaders dying and such. That made the empire weak and collapse. The last blow was when the general Odoacer overthrew the emperor Agustulus Romulus in 476 AD
  • Let's see...I'd say corruption in the Senate, spreading their borders too thin while conquering territories, and probably just greed.
  • If by the "Roman Empire" you mean the Western Empire then the answer is that it never "fell". It changed. By the 5th C AD it was Christian nation. It was no longer Roman in the sense of IVLIVS CAESAR of HADRIANVS.. What it mean to be "Roman" was significantly different and those differences created a sense that it was no longer necessary to be "Roman". "Roman" was an attitude and an outlook on life. The very spirit of what it was to be "Roman", say at the height of the Empire during the reign of HADRIANVS, for example, no longer existed in the 5th C AD. The Western Empire still exists in the Roman Church whose current leader is still titled "Pontifex Maximus". One of the wealthiest nations on Earth and most populous... only surpassed by China.
  • It just simply outgrew its resources and collapsed.
  • 1st of all the barbarian attacks 2nd roman culture as many know from history lessons was greekoroman while romans conquered greek states but they had a lot of influence on roman empire so somehow when the christisnity became legal in rome and when theodosius (greek name theodosius>θεοδοσιος>θεος{god}δοσιος{given)>"given by god in" greek)splited roman empire in 2 parts the west felt down by ostrogoths(hannibal) a big part of the east part was greece (greece and greek ancient colonies in anatolia) and the costantinopole(istanbul)was in reallyty named vyzandium(βυζαντιο in greek)by vyzandas(βυζαντας)an ancient megarian(a town south of athens)who founded this town at 7th century B.C 3rd christians wanted to be away from rome the town of idols as it was believed conclusion:if we combine the fall of west empire to barbarians and the east who became "greek"(but vyzantium empire didnt want to be called greece and the people didnt want to be called greeks because of the beliefs of ancient greeks in idols so they were completed greeks when the turks started the attacks so at 10th century after 500 years at a period from rome to greece they were completed at their national identity as greeks)and christianity who wanted a new identity away from the roman conquerors east empire(vyziantium) completely left behind rome
  • German tribes crossing into the empire by the hundreds of thousands.
  • Gross imorality, they became so powerfull that they got lost in their debochery and eventually could not defend itself.

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