• Yes, to some extent. It isn't the same as another human understanding your feelings, though, because cats don't understand some of the subtle body language we use to display our feelings. They understand tone of voice. Something said loudly or in a low pitch will give them the impression of anger. Something said in a high pitch with low volume will be inviting and won't be intimidating. They understand certain body language, especially if it has significance in the feline world. Staring down a cat is very aggressive and they will usually look away. Looming over them or menacing them is clearly understood as they head for the nearest hidey hole. Cats seem to know when people are sick or injured. This is possibly due to smell for illness. The only thing I can guess is observation for injury. My grandmother has limited use of the right side of her body due to a stroke and my cat was very gentle with her and not underfoot like she usually is. Sadness is a little tougher to peg. If I'm crying, my cat will meow, rub and headbutt me. This could be due to the sounds I'm making or it could be my unusual posture and break in routine. Is she trying to comfort me or seeking comfort herself because she is scared of the noise? Who knows. Does it matter? She usually gets scooped up for a snuggle that does both of us some good. I have never seen a cat get in on the 'jump for joy' kind of happiness. They're usually startled by the obvious mental instability their owner is displaying and run for the hills. I have seen them enjoy the simple, quiet companionship and happiness of a cuddle, belly rub, or scratch behind the ears, though. I haven't had a situation where I could observe the effect of my fear on a cat. It is possible the cat could smell it or just determine that something is bad from body language. We may not have tails to tuck under but we do have some instinctual responses such as curling up for protection and making ourselves smaller. Whether or not your cat understands your feelings, your relationship with her will be much richer if you can understand her feelings.
  • i'm not to think so...communication differences is signifigant in the understandment of cat to human
  • I've heard of various stories of animals (including cats) saving human lives. They get neighbors, etc. So, they must have some sense, just like we have the sense of danger.
  • lol thats funny u asked that ..cause they can .i was just talking bout that earlier ..cats always know from atention that they are loved.and they always know when something isnt right and when they are sad..i could always tell when i wasnt home for a long period of time.some cats will trash stuff in your house if you piss them off 2 lol..i found this out when i got home today when the garbage was knocked over.
  • My cat always seems to know when i am sad she tries really hard to cheer me up and gives lots more affecton than normal!!!!!!
  • I believe so. My cat picks up on my feelings all the time. When I'm sick in bed, she will come and lay right next to or on top of me. My cat is quite spoiled and anti-social, but when I, or one of my children is sick, she is right by our side. When I'm crying she'll put her paws on my face. Otherwise, she stays in whatever room is empty. Also, when I fuss at one of my kids she will nip at the back of my ankle. I truly believe my cat knows exactly what is going on at all times.
  • Some animals can feel positive and negative energy released from your body, whether or not he can tell your feelish, i don't know. My guess is yes. :-)
  • I'm pretty sure they can =) They're always so comforting and they especially know if you don't them around because they try even harder to impede whatever you're doing!
  • They'll certainly hang around your bed when you're sick. They seem to pick up other subtle things too. I would say the answer is yes for most individuals. They tend to be very perceptive, even more than humans for certain things. They can recognize human faces pretty darned well, too, I can vouch. They'll recognize you from far away whatever clothes you're wearing if they know you, well beyond the range of scent. I read about an indian guy who was trying to train a captive leopard for life in the wild, and the leopard could tell him from his similar-looking similar height brown faced Indian friends from hundreds of yards away, and one of his favorite games would be to cross that distance in a few seconds and then slam into him - and never his friends - at top speed, and knock him over every time, and then he'd be affectionate. So simpler brains or not, they seem to be able to do much of what humans can and computers can't. If your cat knows you well and likes you, I have little doubt he'll know how you feel.
  • To a certain extent. Animals do sense things in a way humans can not. When I had migraines, my cat watched me suffering in pain and then came over to me and kept me company instead of going to her little bed. Or once when my S.O. was getting worried about me staying late at work, when I got home then my cat came right up to me and I knew that she was also reacting to his worry. There are other examples, too. But there are also things that cats do not understand as they are not humans. But they are great to have around for what they do understand (among other reasons).:)
  • Not specifically as humans, but cats are tuned with your emotions.

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