• Hmmmm, It would prob be a "juicy burger" that was served in a pub in Newcastle while I was at uni. It was HUGE! About 30cm across and 8cm high without the bread!
  • That would probably be the Mammoth Burger at Satterwhite's Grill in Goochland VA in April 1984. I remember this well because I was there for my mom's funeral and we saw a piece about the place on a PM Magazine-type program and the following night went there. The burgers are about two pounds each (yes, TWO POUNDS EACH!) on specially baked buns and covered a dinner platter! They were served with a side of onion rings that were simply indescribible. The place also served beer in tall bottles and a wide jukebox.
  • I went to a posh burger restaurant with friends a few months ago. One of them ordered a huge 'Kiwiburger' which has the burger, egg, beetroot, relish, salad, pineapple and cheese. Eeeewwww!
  • A friend of mine used to work in advertising as a stone carver and photographer ... once, he made what looked like a burger but was actually various pieces of different types of stone, even the sesame seeds were just small carved and polished stones carefully glued into place ... it looked real enough and made for great pictures ... it is now in a glass case on display at the franchise chain's head office.
  • The Mc.Salmon burger at a McDonald's in Sweden
  • Probably the Buffalo burger. Made with real Buffalo!
  • Salmon burger.
  • I haven't eaten what I would call a weird burger, but I live in Atlanta, and one of the restaurants here offers a hamburger patty between two Krispy Kreme donuts............*******GROSS******...

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