• Probably not. Many of the dry-clean-only articles can be machine washed successfully. It's the manufacturer's way of saying they're not responsible for any shirinking or fading that might occur if you do.
  • Lots of manufacturers label garmeents as dry-clean only because they have to test items to ensure they won't be damaged by regular washing. It's an expensive process. The cheaper & quicker option is not to bother and label as dry clean only. Washing items on a cool wash and use a colour washing powder.
  • hopefully they havent been
  • This is very common when it comes to washing dark clothes. Some of them might shrink or even loose colour at times. Sometimes the manufacturer might say or may mention to dry clean the clothes or to wash them with extra care. However, what has to happen will happen and your clothes might fade away colour after 2-3 washes. Talking about getting damaged, it isn't damaged. Surely it can be pulled out in a different way. For more information, check out -
  • No, only damage is shrinkage usually. I've washed some dry clean only, on a cold short wash, slow spin.

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