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Are humans able to reach orgasm at any age?

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  • by perrisjerry on July 31st, 2009


    ---------------> guys cant do it till 10yo to 13yo when there balls drop down boys start to cum ...........but girls can cum at any age bu rubbing there clits

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  • by Anonymous on July 14th, 2008


    I can remember having orgasms from age 5 (and I'm a girl, well...woman now). Now that I am 42, I'm beginning to wonder if hormones really have THAT much to do with sexual arousal/libido because if I was (innocently) aroused at an age before menstration, what does that say about hormones? It's something I'm very curious about and would like to find more information on.

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  • by Aerialrose on May 24th, 2008


    I remember my first orgasm was when I was still in diapers and couldn't speak yet. It's one of my earliest memories. I was 3. I was with a babysitter and was rubbing against one of those large plastic tricycles which I found felt good and which I think to relieve stress. I remember the feeling at the end (which I carried through) shocked and surprised me, and I remember distinctly thinking it was God's punishment to me as a form of death because I felt immediate guilt and as if I had died more. I had enjoyed it all the way up until the final outcome. From that point on (almost a daily basis), I worked to prolong the sexual pleasure so that the orgasm would come only at the very last possible moment when it was unavoidable (like, I would work myself up fantasy-wise and then stop to keep it from happening, going only again when I was sure I could keep going and not.).

    I had just wanted to see what would happen if I carried it through to completion.

    I finally admitted it in tears to my brother when I was 8 that I had wanted to do it again and did on a regular basis, and what had spurred the discussion was the fact that I was baptized and wanted it to wash it away but was afraid I couldn't stop. It was always in secret as as soon as I had recognized it at the age of 3, I knew immediately that it was taboo and anathema to society. And I still masturbate. I really don't want to though, I'm still somewhat ashamed and confused about it to this day (I grew up in a very religious household. Just knowing whether it's a good, healthy or bad (against God) thing because there's a lot of different logic on different sides for or against it, sounds so silly in some ways because you think I would know by now), and I'm 24. To this day I can orgasm without even touching myself, and just by crossing my legs, w/ fantasy of course, so if I want to in public I can and no one would ever really know. I'm just good I guess. ;)

    I thought this was a good question because understanding one's own sexuality when no one else is talking about theirs might help one to know what is normal and that perhaps other people have experienced something similar too.

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  • by Vashtar on April 28th, 2007


    Yup. At the latest, I was in 3rd grade. Don't remember how I figured it out though...

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  • by Anonymous on December 31st, 2008


    yes you can ! I'm a 42 uncircumcised male, I remember I was 6 or 7 and a friend told me that I could feel good if I rubbed up against a pole, so I did, and I actually did feel good ! I grew up very religious and remembering how guilty I felt aftewards, because being taught that masturbatioin was wrong, but how something like this could feel so good, be so bad ! It was easy for me to do in this rubbing manner because I still had my forskin on my penis, and still do. As I got older, I realized it was a dry orgasm that I was producing, wasn't until age 12 that I got a erection and started prducing semen that I started to change my method, and even to this day I still masturbate ! As an adult, I no longer feel guilty, because more understanding is available and it's talked about more.

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  • by Lips Like Morphine on January 6th, 2008

    Lips Like Morphine

    I had an orgasm in my sleep during a dream when I was like 6.

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  • by Tighe on July 31st, 2009


    Like Aerialrose above commented I too remember masturbating when I was still wearing diapers.

    I was around 2 years old when I first started.
    Obviously at that age I wasn't aware of what I was actually doing but I knew it felt good and I did experience orgasms (no ejaculation until puberty).

    I use and still use the prone method of masturbation. I would lay on my stomach with my hands clenched in fists and pressed against the front of my diapers and hump the bed. Because it was in the mid 1960's before the popularity of disposable diapers I wore thick cloth diapers and plastic pants.

    Because of this (cloth diapers) I remember it was quite a workout for me to reach orgasm. I remember panting and sweating while I masturbated and then what I would term an "orgasm" would be the end reward.

    I remember the tingling sensation in my penis that quickly spread throughout my entire little body. I will never for get the pleasure. It was so powerful I would fall asleep for a few minutes after reaching orgasm.

    After I was potty trained I don't remember masturbating again until I was about 5 years old.

    My first ejaculation occured when I was 12 years old.

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  • by Anonymous on November 29th, 2009


    I was 5 when I had my first orgasm. It was very, very intense - I almost passed out. It felt so good, I did it again a few seconds later. I did it regularity after that.

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  • by brian646 on September 3rd, 2009


    you can be a boy before puberty, and still have an orgasm....but, before you hit puberty like i did (at age 10), no semen will shoot out..........i am sure that girl's can have an orgasm before puberty....i do not know this, however.........take care...Brian........

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  • by jerryperris on September 3rd, 2009


    --------girls can cum at any age from day 1 they can orgasm from there clit
    boys cant cum till they are 10 yo / 11yo /12yo before a boy can orgasm there balls have to drop down first

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  • by Indigo- in the library with the revolver on February 16th, 2007

    Indigo- in the library with the revolver

    As young as 5 months, I think.

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  • by hurricane on February 16th, 2007


    started having orgasms at age 4-5, didn't produce semen though, that came around age 10-11

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  • by blazeman139 on December 10th, 2010


    yea im a dude and i did in kindergarden when i was climbing a pole and my little stuff was rubbing against the pole and yea orgasmed, i remember i was like imma climb this pole evry recess now!

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  • by brittany1525 on August 4th, 2010


    Well clearly, yeah, you can have orgasms starting at an early age but what a lot of teenage girls don't know is that it's normal to be unable to climax till around the end of high school, or during college years because you're not comfortable with your body yet.

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  • by 95Sergio on July 15th, 2010


    I had my first orgasm when i was 8yrs old. It felt good but at the end i was kinda tired lol.

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  • by nipples on December 12th, 2009


    Share your answer...

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  • by bonup on January 31st, 2013


    i had no ejaculate orgasms even at 9 or 10 with my step sister and sister. When my sister was 5 i watched her orgasm. i had a step daughter that humped on the arm of the sofa where i sat and watcher her show all the signs of an orgasm she was barely 6. I am saying yes we can

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  • by breianna on March 24th, 2007


    why would you ask that question

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  • by blessings on January 4th, 2007


    Babies have been photographed 'masturbating' in the womb. Textbooks are replete with anecdotal accounts of this behavior at early ages. I doubt actual orgasms occur.

    As for the aged and infirm, I am reminded of the boy who walked in on his grandfather:

    "Grandfather, you're jacking off!"

    "No son", he said. "Just jacking."

    The health of the prostrate bears on the ability to acheive orgasm in men. (Although Sarah and Abraham seemed to do all right past 100.)

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  • by anonymous on January 4th, 2007


    My girlfriend told me that she's been masturbating since before she can even remember and that she didn't even know what she was doing until sex ed in junior high. But she said it always felt good.

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  • by cami1211 on January 4th, 2007


    I think you can accually , I had my firs orgasm at age 7.. so I dont think there is an age limit ..

    ( no it was not with another partner )

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  • by I Am God on January 4th, 2007

    I Am God

    they should be unless you mean infants...then no.....or some seniors may have troubles too.

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  • by nipples on December 12th, 2009


    Yes! I have a friend 72 years old and he get hard as a Brick gives me multiple orgasms and has a nice size penis that fills me to the rim. He's active and works out daily. He's 25 years my senior but he's good umh umh good!

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