• I would hope so. If not, I'll be sure to IM, call, and e-mail everyone that I can to let them know.
  • I think they will be just as stunned as the rest of us who may be watching it on T.V. and we would post immediately before the AB staff had a chance to - Since there are so many of us here on AB ( my thoughts only ) + 5
  • No I don't. Not as first notification. I think word of "mouth" via phone, email, IM, or people running around, etc. is faster than editing an intranet website for 99.99% of companies. That and the web staff (if there is one) will likely be second or third tier to even find out about it. My experience, is during a crisis situation, the sales people are the first to know. Second would be NOC (Operations staff).
  • If another 9/11 happens you'll know. We would go to a very high state of readiness. In that light, I am thinking Radio, Internet, TV, Emergency Broadcast Systems, and so on. Phones are complicated but I believe lines would drop just because of volume.
  • Babycakes, I beleive that thanks to many brave men and women both here and overseas that we won't have another attack like 9/11. Some small attemps might slip through but I think they have the big ones covered for now. Things may change in the future but for now, its' good.
  • Honestly I do not feel the internet is as fast as the word of mouth spreading word around. By the time AB or any other web site could post a story you would have heard about it several times over. I like to believe that sort of thing could not happen again anytime soon but It is very possible because we do have what is called sleeper cells already here in the good old US of A, Because we are the great mixing pot of the world which leaves us open for this type of attack. In order for us to be safer here at home, i feel a lot needs to change in how we allow folks to come here from abroad.
  • i would think that mabey friends would start calling each other and that would be the means of commmunication. other than that i don't think the internet would really work. there are some people who have probably the slowest internet in the world. they would no be able to get the message until mabey 13, 14 minutes after the total disaster. so in other words no. the internet would not be the best device to use to warn others about a terrorist attack.
  • I feel certain they would, as soon they gathered themselves together and made sure the information was valid. They have a responsibility to their community, so they would definitely want to have their facts straight before broadcasting any scary blurbs on their site. Once verified, though, I'm sure they'd be quick to advise everyone. They seem to be a caring and responsible lot, from what I've seen, unlike Yahoo!
  • I hope they would! Rarely do I watch TV when I bag, so I would want to know whats going on.
  • I suspect even if we don't get something from AB, we'll know.
  • Good god I hope not!!!!!
  • wanna know something strange...Bush was in a classroom...after the plane crashed he was informed about it....he said ok..."he was reading (my pet goat)...which is banned from schools"...he was speaking to news crews and said "I seen the first plane attack on T.V --LIVE-- before i went inside the school...and i was thinking, wow...that must be a terrible pilot".....the first crash wasnt aired until after it think he was lying? alittle research...and if we have a second attack...know this...PATRIOT ACT will be put into play...becuase MARTIAL LAW will know what the patriot act is?????....WHERE THE CONSTITUTION NO LONGER EXISTS FOR can be taken with no reason, given no release date, no contact with anybody....and tortured.....sounds fun huh....and you know who else created an ATTACK on there country...and pushed an act into order before THEY brought A martial law into there country?....NAZI and HITLER....hmmm...................

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