• is the word for it i honestly dont know.Just exhaust pretty much.Im a retart to that stuff so im only just be sweating.lmao.
  • I think (if I remember correctly from my boyfriend telling me over and over again) Its water, from condensation forming in the tailpipe.
  • It's just condensation and pretty normal... you can tell if you've got a leak, but if its just a bit its prolly just condensation.
  • To expand slightly on the existing answers, exhaust gas is very hot. Normally it is about 400F or in that range. Outside air can vary from -40C to +40C. When the outside air is hot, you don't see any smoke coming out of the tailpipe (unless there are emission problems). As it gets colder, you start to see more smoke coming out. This is actually steam from the cold air outside contacting the hot exhaust gases. When water comes out of the pipe, it happens because the cold outside air is cooling the pipe, causing condensation inside when the cool pipe contacts the hot exhaust gases. Natural reaction, nothing to be concerned about. In the summer, you can tell people have their A/C on when water drips out the pipe, but that's another story. Hope this clears it up.
  • 2 of the main products of combustion are water vapour and carbon dioxide...when the pipe is cool enough the water vapour will condense on it and drip out...completely normal and harmless.
  • It's gin and ready to drink, enjoy.

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