• More than a few times Ed!
  • Oh yes, many times down through the years. And once I even slept on the hood. Don't ask!
  • Definitely a question that the "motivational speaker" can answer.......
  • yes in fact I lived in my car for over a month,it was a 73 toyota corolla...sweet memories
  • Sure did. When we evacuated from Katrina, we had to pull over and sleep in a hotel parking lot...the irony.
  • yes once, and it wasnt a good experience,lol!
  • yeah. one of the times was an attempt at camping, but it was somewhere new. i didn't realize i had gotten into such high elevation (i was driving at night) & it's kinda tricky to put up a tent for the first time, on top of a slippery tarp with huge chunks of snow blowing sideways. it was quite entertaining to try though... another time, we were attempting to go splunking in a crazy, tiny, maze of a cave and got a flat tire on our way out there. we were out in b.f.e, it was cold as hell & we had to wait until the morning to hitch hike out of there.
  • No, but I just learned that two people I know did that at the airport, as there were no hotels nearby.
  • I arrived one day too early in colllld winter time to go back to my dorm after Christmas break and all the buildings were still locked. I barely slept in my car. I had to run the engine for 20 minutes with the heat on, turn it off try to sleep; wake up with a sudden chill; run the engine for 20 minutes with the heat on, turn it off try to sleep... It sucked.
  • Yes! I did when I was really drunk and didn't want to sleep in my friends house... So I took a blanket and passed out in my backseat... I was grumpy... LOL
  • Years ago on a cross-country trip from California to Pennsylvania with my save money, of course! :)We spent one night in a motel and a couple of other nights "dozing" in rest stops..we were quite young, so it wasn't too bad. Could not do now, though. :)
  • Once on a trip to Texas from TN.I fell asleep around 10 and my parents just drove through the night so when I woke up at 6 the next day,we hadn't stopped even for the night.
  • Sure have, usually traveling and stopping at rest areas. Once did it in a station wagon with my parents at a horse competition in the middle of nowhere. And with my husband we used to travel everywhere in our Chevy Van and it had a bed in it. Camped all over North America in that.
  • lots of times.
  • It was a van with see me nots attacking me. That was the worst ever.
  • Yeah i lived in it for 3 days in january 2 years ago it was freezing
  • three times, once on the way to colorado when I was 8 or so.. once when my friend larry and I went to duluth for a night and couldn't get the hotel room so we walked around and met a black guy named "san diego rick" who brought us to a wicked party with hot chics (and crack which we chose not to smoke) then we got wasted with our new homie san diego and all three of us passed out in larrys car and we dropped him off the next day.. and one other time when I partied at a friends house I woke up in someones car.. it was a wicked tricked out car too..

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