• If you absolutely have to, then you should have it locked on a leash and in a locked area. If not, it's better to leave your dog in the house.
  • So long as they have a dry safe space to sleep in, like a dog house or crate, and the area is escape proof. If it's very cold at night -- you can install a 60w light bulb in the dog house, that should stop it from freezing in there. I wouldn't feel right about leaving the smallest size dogs outside, seems to me they could become quite terrified depending on what kind of night critters come around to your neighborhood.
  • Depends on what region you're in and how cold it is at night. Homeless people in Alaska for expample will stay in shelters when the temp is below freezing. Dogs are a lot tougher but the real question is what region are you at?
  • It depends very much on the breed of dog, the weather and how long your dog spends indoors. If he is a breed without an insulating coat and the weather is cold it isn't wise. If he is a breed with a thick coat he is designed to live outdoors. However, if he spends all day in a centrally heated building his coat will moult to deal with the unnecessary (to him) heat and so being outside at night may not be wise if it is very cold. I used to have a German Shepherd who would only stay indoors during the winter for about 20 minutes before he became uncomfortably hot. He didn't even go inside his kennel when it snowed and I found him asleep under a thick covering of snow on more than one morning.
  • No. For my own sake. I would only worry about her.
  • No. In most cases it is not OK to leave your dog outside overnight. There are exceptions. But it is more complicated than the dog's ability to withstand the cold. Leaving your dog alone at night will increase the risk of behavioral issues later. Huskies for example are bred to live as a group. Do you have 8 huskies that will keep each other company? Also consider that a lone dog will feel more responsible for protecting itself and the house. Sounds great. But is the dog chained to a dog house? Then the dog will feel barely able to protect itself much less the house. Make sure the dog feels secure. Finally, dog theives are becoming more common. They look for easy to grab dogs that look purebred. They can be resold via the classifieds. Unless you truly are able to provide a secure environment, keep the doggie inside at night.
  • i dont think so, especially if its cold out, he might bark all night

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