• You could enter the game code again from new game but even after you do it just goes to a red and blue stripped error. Ask a staff member of the place where you bought it why it is acting up. Sorry if I didn't help thet much.
  • For some games the Action Replay still works if the codes are automatically entered, but if they aren't then you will need to download the codes from the disc provided with the action replay(if you really did get that disc or not), or go to and enter the codes manually(you may want to print them out so that you can write on where your progress is, unless you want to write on your computer screen with a crayon and windex it afterwards-NOT RECCOMENDED!-)
  • i had the same problem, annoying huh? well since your ARDS is "completely-BLANK", your ARDS is stuffed luckily i know a way to cure without buying a new 1. First hold A+b when your ds is off, now turn it on, still holding A+Bwhen the nintendo ds screen appears, still holding A+B and hold start and select, hold those 4 keys till the ARDS menu appears, let go of them and PRESTO, you fixed A-PART of your ARDS, now enter your game name and ID. then enter your codes. Happy cheating :)

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