• i don't. i can't actually remember what it tastes like though so i wouldn't know what to crave. i have been tempted just to try meat to see if i like it but i never do.
  • Yes. My friend is Hindu and can't eat meat but she craves eggs and chicken. A lot of her friends still eat meat but they never venture to beef. Just chicken.
  • Some, yes. I remember the day my friend became an ex-vegetarian (after something like 6 years of trying it) she went on a bacon binge that sent shockwaves of fear through the swine population
  • no, i dont think so...rather they feel sick at the sight of i.... i had a fren in school who fell sick after disecting the goat-muscles provided for our biology practical, the fren was a vegetarian... and i have personally met lot of them who have this so called "hysteria"(i guess its called that)after they have even a trace of non-veg in their dishes..this holds true for ppl hat are religiously born vege....:)
  • I'm sure they must. After all chickens are merely walking vegetables and fish are swimming ones. Who can take a fish seriously look at that silly thing. It almost wants to be eaten. I've given up mammals and I do crave a hamburger at BK from time to time.
  • Yes. I know several vegetarians that will crave a large greasy hamburger,periodically!
  • Only for a few months after they give up eating meat or red meat. It's like smoking, you feel refreshed once it's finally all out of your system.
  • I don't. In fact the idea of eating meat (and the smell of some of it) makes me feel quite ill. After a while to a lot of veggies the whole idea of meat becomes quite repulsive. Some veggies do crave meat apparently- particularly bacon - and some give in and go back to meat-eating- vegetarianism just doesn't work for everyone.
  • I don't. Even the idea of eating meat seems disgusting to me.
  • If I was a vegetarian I would. Oh wait, I'm getting one right now... Mmmmmmmm, meeeeeeat! :o)
  • No. How can anyone get craving for meat after they have seen how sentient beings that comes equipped with all the five senses just like that in humans, get murdered behind closed doors everyday around the clock, and in the most barbaric and perverted ways imaginable. And the final product of such pain and torture they dare to call it "food" and sell it? I don't associate the flesh sliced out from the body of an unfortunate sentient being with the definition of food. I only see the resultant body multilated from the perverted and cold blooded slaughter as the saddest remnant of the dead and is worthy of the respect of a burial, not to be further mutilated in someone's kitchen. This is what my mind associate meat with (no offense to meat-eaters): ANIMAL SLAUGHTER = MURDER OF NON-HUMAN BEINGS = CARCASE = NON HUMAN CORPSE = MUTILATED BODY = VIOLENT DEATH = PRODUCT OF PERVERSION = NON-FOOD = WORTHY OF PROPER BURIAL AND RESPECT.
  • Some do. Personally, I think I've only craved meat two or three times since I became vegetarian (2 or 3 years now). At the very beginning, I once ended up eating a piece of bologna (I hadn't had anything to eat in a long time and it was the only thing around), which used to be something I loved, but it made me feel sick just because of the taste and smell. There's a big difference in imagining how it would be to eat it, and actually eating it. Personally, I just can't eat dead flesh, and despite those couple of cravings, I've never regretted becoming vegetarian.
  • I did. Mainly fish. Hence I lapsed back into omnivorous eating practices. I would like to be vegetarian again. It would be great if we could grow meat without the nervous system and so forth (a body with no brain in simple terms). It is the pain and so forth I object to from a moral standpoint and would really like a way around that that allowed for the continuation of eating meat or a very similar substitute.
  • Absolutely never! Meat is so disgusting!

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