• Im trying really hard not to just say "F" it all.
  • I have fulfilled it and pursuing it further...I'm a mommy and just found out I will have another. That's all I want out of life.
  • I am seeking a new dream.
  • I tried. Now, I am slowly pursuing another dream. I wanted to be a baseball player, but, a car accident messed that up. In time, I will find a band and play guitar for them.
  • I am still pursuing to help same the world.
  • Mine has already been fulfilled, luckily! I married my sweetheart, have 3 beautiful children, and own my own home. I was forced (somewhat) to medically retire a few years back, and am currently partially dis-abled with a poor health outlook. But, I've been incredibly blessed, more than most, and really couldn't ask for more, (even tho' I sometimes do).
  • I am still pursuing my dream in life.
  • Always pursuing.
  • Not yet! working on it
  • Still pursuing it but have achieved some parts of it already. I keep in mind all my goals and create new ones and have never given up on any of them. (the major ones nonetheless)
  • Fulfilling a dream? More like living a fantasy ;)
  • I would have to say that my dreams in life have changed as I have grown older..however I am still pursueing them..I wanted to be a lawyer...I gave that up years ago..I do write parenting plans on the side for parents going through nasty divorces..( some states call what I do mediation)I am also a fathers rights advocate. I still bartend twice a week..because I love some things I am still pursuing.. my other dream was to buy an old home and redo it..and I have done that and am redoing it now a little at a time ( I am actually almost done) so some I am fulfilling..
  • still pursuing.
  • Life will always provide the stage to pursue a dream if you choose to act on it;)
  • I'm in quick pursuit, I'm almost closing in on it, hopefully.
  • Still working on it...SLOWLY but SURELY! :D
  • I've given it up. It doesn't exist.
  • I'm much closer than I've ever been but still have a long way to go. It's the journey, not the destination...sort of.
  • Never had much of a dream to start with.
  • Yes. Yes. Yes. To explain, I have had several dreams in my life. I have given up on some, achieved several, and am still pursuing many. I wanted to be an Engineer - didn't happen; wanted to be an Architect - didn't happen; wanted to be a Designer (Industrial or Graphic) - didn't happen yet, might still happen. I wanted to serve as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - did happen; wanted to get married in the Temple (of the LDS Church) - did happen; wanted to have children - did happen; wanted to be a Technology Education Teacher - did happen. I want to get a PhD and be a Professor of Education - will happen. I want to write several fiction books - will happen. I want to be a Grandfather - hopefully will happen (not a "will happen" as it is not in my control). Want to be happy. I am.
  • Still pursuing! The dream on the top of my list currently is to be a mom...and I'm still workin on that one ;P
  • I believe life itself is a dream and i'm glad to have it.
  • About ready to give up. Only something within me makes me keep pursuing.........M.C.S.
  • Well, my dreams were always to get married, be a housewife, and have children. Well, I'm married and a housewife!! No kids yet! Been almost a year of trying!! Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!
  • I fullfilled my dream of marrying the perfect husband and haveing two beautiful children. But my other dream of acting in a Hollywood featured film haunts me daily... I try, and try and try... and get little things here and there and think to myself, "I knew this was meant to be I knew this is what I was supposed to do in life! Man, I'm on my way to the top now!" But then it doesn't go anywhere and nothing comes of it. I can cry right now writing this! But why cry when I have been blessed with so much in family? How ungrateful I am. But something inside me keeps searching for a way to make it I don't know why? I've been going on like this all my life of 36 years. Maybe I'm meant to do it when my children are grown? Or, Maybe I'll never achieve my dream? (that would suck) I dream for the best, and search and search for that one opportunity, all while trying to live my life in happiness. Will this void ever go away? Signed, fustrated with dreams... Here I am in a Bank commercial. Check out "Buttons"... I'm the blonde.
  • Still persuing, and I'll know next month if I am accepted into the Master's program. Please pray for me!!!!!

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