• Very good question. The answer is, I think, that with a pure bred dog you know what your going to get. Each breed has stereotypical behaviour traits. But a cross breed can be completely different to the breeds it is a cross of. Its more of a lottery!
  • Why is Chanel more expensive than Walmart? Work that out and you've got your answer.
  • In a perfect world...Purebred puppies would represent a dog that was "well bred" and not prone to having health conditions anymore than any other dog might have. RESPONSIBLE breeders bred purebred dogs because they have fallen in love with the breed they have chosen to represent. They generally take GREAT CARE to not only show their dogs and that they can earn their points and titles, but they also do a lot of research on different bloodlines so that they can choose to breed their dog or bitch with another of that breed that has qualities that will either IMPROVE the qualities their own animal is lacking in some way or ENHANCE the already good qualities their animal has. The reason for showing (the real reason aside from any supposed glory, ego or fun) is because the dog who WINS is supposed to have THE BEST qualities (for that show on that day or week) out of all the other dogs of that breed being shown. If they win, it proves that their dog may very well help to improve that breed and should, perhaps, be considered for breeding more of that type of dog. Responsible breeders are trying to improve temperament, health, coat quality, and also support the dog being of the type of behaviors for which THAT particular breed is known for. Such as with hunting want a pointer that is very game to point and retrieve birds or what ever it is you are hunting. A herding breed, you want on the mark for herding livestock, willing to take some directions, but also able to make split second decisions dependent upon what the livestock is DOING! Mutts and crossbred dogs have generally been my personal choice. I pick a dog as a companion animal based on Temperament and general health. I want a strong, healthy dog, as anyone is likely to want, but I also want a dog that accepts training fairly well and also one that can become accountable for working with me...a dog that wants to "join up" so to speak. A well bred dog from healthy stock should NOT have a lot of medical problems. Granted many breeds have some health issues that have become related to their breed, or breed line. Retrievers "tend" to get cancer a bit more often than some other breeds of dogs, this includes crossbred Retrievers as well. Some breeds have stomach or skin challenges more than other breeds. Often dogs that are pure white can have deafness or vision problems as well... THIS is a recessive gene issue...not indicative of any particular breed per se. But the number one problem is that there are many people who own dogs that were bred by Puppy Mills, or who came from parents..who were bred by Puppy Mills. As these original dogs (from the Puppy Mill) were purchased... the owners ASSUMED that because they had been charged a good sum of money ($300 to $600) and the dog IS a purebred means that it is OK to breed that particular dog. They didn't research the blood lines, they didn't show the dog or bitch...they just BRED THEM. Now...THESE "second-generation" Puppy Mill dogs are showing up AND ALSO BEING BRED...and creating MORE PUPPIES who very often times have severe problems with both health and temperament! Buying a purebred animal really is a lesson in BUYER BEWARE! Learn what questions to ask AND ASK THEM!!! It is always best to take your time buying any animal and do everything you can to learn about the breed, even if you want a good old MUTT..learn about the different types of dog your potential pup may come from!

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