• Yes. just check the declining financial status of your local hospitals.
  • If you're referring to public assistance, such as food stamps or cash benefits, not for long, if not already cancelled out. Children cannot be denied, alien or not. Immigrant parents will no longer qualify for benefits through the state, either currently or soon.
  • Legally, they aren't entitled. Realistically, they are receiving them, all of them, including food stamps, health care, etc. This is done via identity theft to procure legit job or gain access to another's social scurity benes, applying for welfare via their "anchor babies" or other legal family members who claim too many dependents, etc etc. They're not supposed to drive either, because illegal aliens can only use lic from their country of origin or intl lic.....but they are driving regardless.... That's what is meant when the phrase no "rule of law" is used. No one is enforcing the rules so the norm is to break the rules, over and over and over and over.

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