• Im pretty 90% sure this is a def no.
  • Only if you don't inhale :-p no you can't :-)
  • If a surface swipe is done for the presence of drugs - yes you can get caught from just touching cocaine. This is the kind of preliminary test they do at customs in airports. It would usually indicate a need for further investigation and would not make you guilty per se. A blood test for cocaine would not show that you had been only holding the drug.
  • No, but other drugs (such as LSD) are soaked up by your skin so you could test positive to them.
  • That is a definite YES! I was in drug rehab for a year & I was helping a friend with some packaging & I held a big piece. it gets absorbed into your system. I tested positive for cocaine the next day. Inhaling or anything else has nothing to do with it. if you just touch it for a second, no. if you have it in your hand long enough for it to be absorbed (even a little bit can be absorbed) you WILL TEST POSITIVE. I also tested positive one time for rubbing it on my teeth. I didn't snort it or inhale it, just a numbie. POSITIVE!! I have been clean for 10 yrs from that shit.
  • yes, but if it is a urine test it will most likely be a trace amount

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