• Definitely, if the horse is in the front, he pulls the buggy!
  • The horse pulls the buggy.
  • Same as the plow question, though now I see you are being clever;-) That's like asking whether we pull an oar or do we push against the water when rowing a boat lol!
  • This question is making me laugh, its good. What ur trying todo is do Newtons 2nd law, which states for every attraction there is an equal and opposite attraction. In this case the horse is pulling the buggy but an opposite attraction is pushing the harness. Its like we are pushing on the earth by standing here therefore the earth has to be pushing back. Equal and opposite attraction, ALWAYS.
  • You give the horse some horse pills to Dose it first. It could only push the buggy if it were behind it which would be a moron's buggy.
  • Both! it pushes on the front side of the harness but it pulls the back side of the harness

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