• Yeah I noticed that too when I visited it in 2005. I think it's because the street vendors immediately remove any stuff that falls to the ground. They don't let any substance remain on the ground for too long. Cleanliness is still the answer, I think. =)
  • air pollution? i used to notice dead mosquitoes on the group near my old place, i had to move somewhere greener for the same reason - of course now I get the occasional mosquito - can't win! Off to beach for fresh air!
  • There are certain foods that immediately attract flies like crabs. Maybe they don't serve that food. Ü
  • Walk around Petchburi, mantobeat and crabmed — there's enough stuff that's hot, sticky, smelly (durian) and exposed. There's raw meat waiting to be fried, wet food, fermented food, pretty much every kind of food. It is NOT to do with what falls to the ground and is cleaned up. There is organic, perishable matter by the tonnes in the open. We should be seeing more flies than this.
  • I don't know. Let's ask Murray Head!
  • I can only guess at the reason. Perhaps the fact that "Thais are generally hygienic and tidy and very disciplined about *bagging waste* and keeping things clean" contains the answer? The fact that there is a lot of open food around might attract flies in the first place, and they might lay eggs on it, if uncovered; but if the Thais are particular about removing debris and they clear away food debris and bag it up, then the eggs may hatch but will not develop into adults unless the contents are dumped elsewhere and are open to the elements. Perhaps the flies are breeding outside Bangkok, and you haven't looked there? Flies develop in garbage and rotting organic debris that is left around, even in small amounts, and most flies that are pests will take at least a week to develop, especially in hot climates. Michael Ackland Honorary Curator Oxford University Museum of Natutral History

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