• I hate sports!
  • I'm one of them.
  • My husband doesn't like team sports at all. But we both love watching F1 racing together and motorcycle racing. And Dakar, that really great! I love to watch sailboat racing and he will often join in . But for the most part, he isn't into watching sports.
  • I couldn't care less.
  • I don't like sports- not doing them or watching them.
  • I used to care a lot about certain teams but then I realized that a favorite team winning didn't help my life any. It helped theirs. I only care now about sports if I have a bet on a game. That's the only way it's exciting to me any more.
  • I don't follow anything but Boxing and Full contact Kickboxing&UFC
  • Me me me - the only sport I watch is tennis. Others bore me to death. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I don't trust a guy who doesn't like sports. It's like a woman who doesn't like girl stuff. It's not natural.
    • RareCatch
  • I like sports too. Very much. But I don't allow it to take over my life.
  • I really hate it when people start discussing sports at work, like who played who over the weekend and who made impressive plays and who moved wherever in the ratings - nothing appropriate in the work environment and completely enough to piss me off royally. I used to like playing football and wrestling, but that was years ago, and "professional" sports is what I call a complete waste of time and energy. I don't go to sports bars, or to game parties at private or public venues, and I have no need for sports related collectibles - I would sell them as quickly as possible if someone gave them to me. Boo on sports.
  • Nope cant agree with you that on that. Sports behind my family, work professions, and music is the most important thing to me. I mean when I wake up nothing makes me more proud then thinking about a Red Wing Championship, or a Pistons Championship, or the Lions winning the Superbowl for the first tme. Or my ultimate dream a U of M football title. People say oh it's pathetic to watch something you have no control over but you know what I say! Why not? Everyday the same people who say why do you get upset when the Pistons lose cry when their favroite character from a TV show dies. When a season ends and sports fans are left devastated is it no different then when they cancel your favorite TV show and your angry. You have no control on the Plot people are hoping for person A to marry B or Person C to expose D. Which is no different then me hoping A passes it to B to win the game. People who hate sports just don't get the beauty of it and thats fine but boy I love it. Number 1 sports fan right here. Boy without sports life would be blan and stupid 4 me notice 4 me is stated. Sports is the greatest reality soap oprea the greatest roller coaster ride and the greatest and worst feeling in terms of losing and winning ever. God even know I hope the Wings won! Go Wings!
  • no that's silly.I LOVE SPORTS.i wake up to am radio sports talk.the tv is always to some sort of sport.
  • My boyfriend doesn't care. Which is fortunate, as I don't care either (though I did like horseback riding, when I took lessons).
  • Im not a man but I say on my husbands behalf...and ALL of his friends, and ALL of my friends...NOBODY watches sports, of any kind. Good thing, I would go crazy.
  • I follow sports some, but think that they are very overrated but I am still in the closet on that one.
  • I'm one of those men. I used to watch hockey when I was younger, but I've grown accustomed to not watching sports on t.v. anymore. Most sports do not interest me. I hate it when I'm at a party, and all the guys start talking about sports or their jobs----my God it's so two-sided! The only "sport" I'm good at, and really participate in, is swimming.
  • I don't care who wins what ... in the world of sports .... I do watch Professioanl Wrestling if you classify that as a sport .... and used to watch Roller Derby and Roller games when they were availiable ...
  • I really don't like sports and I get pretty annoyed when I hear people/the media talking about how manly football (USA football, or as it should be called, HandEgg) and baseball are, and how stereotypical guys usually "sit back with a beer and watch the game." I don't buy that. I don't care who team won what and who made what play, and I'm really unimpressed when people relay that information to me with great excitement. I do like certain sports, but that is because I participate in them, and I wouldn't categorize these sports with the stereotypical american male sports that I'm pretty sure you are referencing. I'm talking about combat sports (I consider martial arts this) and fencing and airsoft and target shooting (heard it called a sport). In a nutshell, I dislike... maybe even loathe team sports. Soccer is okay sometimes, but I'm not going to follow a team and be upset if they lose. I played it when I was very young, so It has a special place in my heart and I'm not going to be as hostile towards it as I am towards other team sports.
  • I played soccer as a kid and used to like watching tennis on TV but now I really could care less about watching sport - especially team sport and motor sport. It's a bit weird because where I am from EVERYBODY LOVES sport. The only sport I really liked was dinghy sailing...and working out... if that qualifies as a sport.
  • Me, for one...
  • I don't give two craps about professional sports, and I am a 16 year old male. The only sports I care about is my school, who won the state championship in football one year!
  • I don't get into sports really. I was once interested in watching sumo wrestling but it wore off.
  • Well my husband for one. He's a workaholic. Still he will sometimes watch them hanging out with male friends.
  • I don't give a fig about sports.
  • To much cheating~I hate sports. Nov.25
  • I careless about the sports on television. I not interest in college sports. I watch other things like swimming, soccer, gymnastics. I am in more of recreation sports which involves you directly with others in playing. I never pay 50.00 to 100.00 to go to a game. You think family of 4 what that would cost. I have better things to do with my money and time. Elementary, middle school, and hight school sports I will give time. I have find most people on college sports teams always involve in illegal activities. If you going to be in sports and must be a role model in good behavior.

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