• i think it's more of an eccentricity than a hobby, but whatever floats your long as your don't force other people to pee in a bottle, it's fine.
  • I'm guessing you don't live with anyone else. :)
  • It's not a new concept. In the days before indoor plumbing, a receptacle would be kept underneath the bed. In the UK it was called by various names - chamberpor, poe, pottie etc. Mine was plastic - and had a 'splashguard' moulded a top the handle..I was VERY proud of it.( I was also about four years old) The bizarre thing is, every household had them - the Pharmacies used tostock them - even though teh age of the outhouse was mostly thirty to forty years in the past in the Irish towns. Old habits die hard : )
  • If you need to, then do. You can save water by peeing in the garden or in nature. High altitude climbers use pee bottles all the time. Altitude makes you wee several times at night, and what do you do when its minus 40 celsius outside the tent ?
  • I'm thinking you should consider another hobby
  • Convenience be damned. That's disgusting.
  • Honestly, I think it's gross There were a couple guys who used to do that in Iraq. They'd have half a dozen full bottles under their bed and be too lazy to dump them... they were already too lazy to get out of bed. Pissing in bottles was normal during missions but it shouldn't have been done in garrison.
  • I would say that is very convenient! U must be single?
  • i think i should have thought of that. a true genius
  • It's convenient, but at the same time...I really don't think it's such an emergency to go to those lengths to save water, I guess I understand the going back to sleep part, but I think it's kind of gross. A guy on my ship did that and kept it under his mattress also. Sounds like a sanitary issue compared to the normal way of living.
  • hmmm well it's gross to me but if you feel that is what you must do as opposed to getting up and going to the toilet then whatever...I must say that the idea of having piss-jugs in my room is a little weird and an accident just waiting to someone else stated you must be single..I don't think any woman would tolerate idea for you; if you wanted to conserve water, just pee in the toilet and wait until the morning when you pee again to flush..that saved water and isn't as weird as having the piss-jug question though....why do you consider it a hobby?!
  • With indoor plumbing being so common these days, I'd wonder where you live that you don't have it. Sorry, but I'd have to ask you to use the toilet if you stayed at my house and not use plastic bottles.
  • This is why I love the internet, to find other eccentric people who do the same absurd things you do. Me and my roommates are avid drinkers of Arizona Green Tea. We purchase many gallons of it, and when they are empty we have created a "pee jug". My roommates rip on me and I think its hilarious. Its an absolute pleasure to wake up in the morning having to piss real bad, and instead of getting out of bed you simply piss in a jug next to your bed and go back to sleep. Its truly a moment of bliss and genius I believe. Also considering piss is sterile, the sanitary issues are of no concern. However, one time a lady friend was chilling on my bed and I noticed the piss jug half full and realized her discovery of it would be imminent. Being the witty thinker that I am, I quickly grabbed the "pee jug" and declared that I had better refrigerate this fine Green Tea. I marched to the living room to have a great laugh of it with my roommates. I highly recommend the use of "pee jugs", its simply the next level in human evolution. I believe its what Nietzsche was referring to as the Übermensch.

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