• Welcome to Vodaphone customer services... Please press 1 to be cut off, 2 to be conected to an assistant who does not have a clue what they are doing.... yep, it sure has.
  • Oh yeah..........
  • customer service is an oxymoron these days.
  • Yes I do. Retail stores tend to be understaffed. You have to go searching for someone if you need to ask a question. If you can find someone, they are probably busy talking to a fellow employee and doing their best to pretend they can't see you. When they do give you their attention, they probably don't have the answer to your question. If you do purchase something, the cashier doesn't even bother to look up or acknowledge you, unless it is to ask if you want to sign up for a credit card. When I do come across someone who treats me with good customer service skills, I always thank them and have been known to find a supervisor to let them know of my good experiences. I have even written a letter to a retail store home office about one person whom I have encountered several times, who should be more than just a cashier. He has all the answers to my questions, is polite, and really projects a sense of enjoying his customers.
  • All hope is not lost! Just try, when you can, to get your goods and services at SMALL businesses! My experience is that the big guys don't care and feel they don't have to. If more of us stop giving our money to them, perhaps they will bring quality service back. The smaller family-owned businesses realize that service is the only way to compete against their corporate competitors. Sometimes it costs a little more, because they can't compete with the corporations, but the service you get will be worth it!

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