• Mine is pretty neat. Besides the spare tire and jack, I only have a first aid kit, tire inflator, a roll of paper towels and a can of white grease in my trunk.
  • It's not really a trunk since it's a Subaru Forrester but it gets used a lot for our construction and business so it's rather dirty back there. It's also where we carry the giant dog we have so it can't have too many things she can eat or drool on. Not tidy and neat but a good working, using area. That's how I characterize it.
  • Very neat, although it does hold my gym gear, my swimming gear, sometimes a bike helmet, water bottle, sometimes a oar, a wetsuit, body board, towel, board wax and a lot of my uni work. Hmmmmmmmm its organised chaos! he he :)
  • i have a pair of rollerskates in the trunk of my car. sad thing is, i was driving by the roller skating rink the other day and they were tearing it down. had i known, i would have had one final skate... boo hoo
  • Mine is neat and organized. I have an emergency box with jumper cables, flares, flashlight, and other emergency needs. Then I have the rest of it sectioned off with cargo nets, and boxes. I keep a hand cart, reusable cloth shopping bags and a cooler in the trunk for my shopping excursions. I clean my trunk out after every errand and restock/reconfigure whatever is needed for the next jaunt.
  • It's a hatch-back and it's a lazy mess, partly due to never wanting to be anywhere without some tools and things.
  • It's neat. I do store the stroller and a shopping cart cover in there but I use those on a regular basis. I try to clean everything out of the car whenever we get out.
  • The only things in my trunk are the spare tire and jack. Those are in the little niche that was made for them.
  • My trunk looks clean except the kicker and amp back there.
  • A mess since I sold my 14 year old car. The new car's trunk is empty though.
  • It's a pit/repository! At varoius times of year it can be full of pool stuff (towels/floats etc), Lacrosse gear, soccer balls, basketball, winter coats, snow shovel, skis and snowboards - it just depends on the season. Then the front seat is always full of books, paperwork and scrapbooking stuff! Oh and a couple of cameras, spare film, spare batteries and a jacket and change of shoes. Of course there's also the trash - my husband despairs!
  • I was just reminded that it's time to get Blank's questions back on the front page.
  • It's not really bad but there are things in there that shuldn't be, things thast need to go into th ehouse or thrown away.

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