• Introducing certain meats slowly is probably the best way to go about it. Try starting with Fish, and only eating it maybe once or twice a week for a few weeks. After that, try adding chicken, and then beef, etc. Just take it slowly and add little bits at a time.
  • I think so..I haven't eaten meat in years..except twice and I felt really ill afterward both system wasn't prepared for it...I think you could gradually introduce meat back into your diet but I would avoid red, fatty meats at the start.
  • Yes you just need to do it slowly, maybe take one bite instead of eat the whole thing.
  • i agree with everyone so far and just want to add that you've already trained your body to NOT tolerate meat, so you should, by the same logic, be able to train it back TO tolerating meat. good luck!!!
  • yes. i was a strict vegan for arround 7 years when i became "normal" again my body didnt accept it verry well but you have to ease it on like work your way back..
  • I was a strict vegetarian for 8 years and then Vegan for 3. I quit meat when I just couldn't digest it any more because I had severe gerd. 10 years later after going from Tagamet to Prilosec to Aciphex it turns out my stomach wasn't producing enough acid . I now take HCl capsules with pepsin and CAN EAT MEAT AGAIN! But you should know that at first the protien will feel very heavy in your stomach. However given time this will go away if you persist and keep eating meat. I wish the Gastroenterologist would have tested my stomach acid level before ever prescribing me an acid blocker. Not enough stomach acid can give you the exact same symptoms as gerd. All those years of trying to get protien through nuts, seeds, and soy has caused B12 anemia, zinc deficiency and copper imbalance that has landed me a whole host of health problems. It's not worth it. I used to defend vegetarianism but not any more. Now that I am carniverous again I have seen so many improvements in my health. I am convinced that humans were meant to eat meat. Unfortunately I fear that many vegetarians will have to loose their health before they will ever be convinced otherwise. Goodluck, stay with it and you will see great results in the end!

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