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  • you never have to look your best
  • There are many pluses for mastubation: Since it's a solitary act you never have to be concerned about your partner because you ARE your partner! No need to let those sexual tensions build up when your partner is away or you don't have a regular partner. And the best one for guys is that it helps keep your prostate gland and for both genders the other sexual organs healthy
  • it feels good!
  • who needs a reason??????????
  • does there have 2 b a reason ?
  • Never have to worry about pregnacy, can do it whenever the urge strikes, know right where the hot spots are, not done till I want to be. No one to talk to after.
  • i noticed everyone change the question to what is a good reason to masterbate rather than how many good reasons are there cuz no one gave a number. hell, i cant give a number either but when ur restless at night and dont have a significant other or even just a good close friend to pleasure it helps ya go to sleep sometimes. its also good to check to c if ur package is still workin. i have my penis pierced and once it healed i masterbated to make sure it still worked right.
  • It helps to keep those who cannot spell masturbation occupied.

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