• He may be busy. Your message may not have involved a question that required a response. There could be other reasons, I'm just throwing these two out for now.
  • Guys do not like to be chased. Texting is chasing. Let him make the first move. Nature meant for it to be that way.
  • he may be involved in something where he cant use his phone
  • He may be busy..or getting "busy"... or he may not be all that into you. How well do you know this guy??
  • You know what I'm looking for the answer too. I'm talking to this guy and he always text me, and they're really sweet too but when I text him back he doesn't reply until the next day or two...ugh it drives me crazy sometimes. And then I just stop texting him completely see how he likes it!
  • maybe his fingers hurt!
  • not sure..maybe he is playing hard to get and wants to appear like he is playing it cool
  • Means he's busy taking a shit, relax girl give him a break he has other stuff to do the world does not revolde around you. Keep up the way your acting and he will surely dump you for someone whoose more confident in themselves and there partner.
  • He's too busy playing WoW and loves touching computers WAY more than he loves touching you.
  • he probally busy or his phone was charging or he left it at home
  • It's texting! Not a real conversation. When he has the time. Can you not talk to him face to face?
  • I text my wife but she ignores it or rarely text me back. I could get killed on the road as I am a truck driver and I may never know if she is doing the jobs around the house I ordered her to do. She doesn't answer the phone half the time either so just deal with it, grow up and chat with other people. I chat with my mother and sons alot.
  • Could be a power thing, I have known men like that, but then again perhaps he's just being lazy, or doesn't feel he has to keep in touch too much. If you text him less he might start to miss it and start texting you first.
  • he might be busy

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