• Yes my Pomeranian is neutered, he can still 'breed' but can't get them pregnant.
  • I've never heard of it. However, I suppose that if the dog had a retained testicle and the Vet didn't go in to find and remove it....a successful pregnancy could occur. I think it's probably a very long shot as generally they DO want to get the lost one out. Frequently they are retained because there is something wrong and they want to insure the dog doesn't develop cancer later in the retained testis, AND usually they can be abnormal and so the dog may have been sterile in the first place. Some times spayed and neutered dogs will mount, rarely are they successful at penetration, and generally this sort of mounting is labeled as a DOMINANCE GAME anyway. I have, however, seen two dogs (male/female) play in what appeared to be a sexual play without typical Dominance behaviors added.
  • Neutered males most definitely can breed. Especially males that were neutered after breeding to begin with, or if they were neutered late. There's usually harm done, but you should still not let it happen as it presents more risk for infection in your bitch.
  • I have a neighbor who I took to the vet myself as I am a vet tech, and he can mount and lock with my females but no pregnancy. He has been neutered about 3 years and he still does. Where theres a will theres a way
  • My female unspayed dog and my neutered male dog still have doggy "sex" even though it's been 3 years since he's been neutered. Go figure. How he knows she's in heat is beyond me. I guess they still have some drive left?

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