• It's as easy as it looks
  • To hell with technique, just get lost in the kiss, and you'll be fine... but don't let it go to far.
  • Let him lead you in the kiss, so you don't have to worry as much. It honestly becomes really natural. Anyone's first kiss may be awkward, but after a few tries, it will really improve.
  • well...just go with the flow. It won't kill you. Just see what kind of kisser they are and improvise. Don't care about what other people think. Don't panic. Follow the other person's lead and you should be good! Good luck...and welcome to AnswerBag! I like the avatar!
  • I had my first kiss at the grand old age of 15 and that was nerve wrecking. But then again, everyone would probably admit to being nervous when they know that they are about to kiss someone that they really like. No amount of kissing your hand or kissing yourself in the mirror is going to help you prepare for the real thing! All the advice I can give is to not approach him with your mouth open, and to take it slowly! Enjoy the kissing, but don't get carried away!
  • lol becuase it's your first time, follow him!!! don't stick your tongue into his mouth unless he does it first, don't open your mouth unless he is too. it sounds tricking but when your actually in the monent it kinda happens that way.
  • Just go with're a natural and you don't know it yet until you do! SO GO GET HIM! haha
  • Don't be in such a hurry to "grow up". You're only young once and when you do hit your 20's you will have plenty of time and the maturity to grow. Enjoy your childhood, it's precious.
  • For a first time, don't make out if u really like him. Give him a long deep kiss with an intense press on the lips. This will leave him wanting more, then u can ask how 2 make out later.
  • You are not going to want to hear this but i am going to say it anyway. In my honest opinion you are still a young child much too young to be in a relationship never mind thinking about" making out" Much better you remain with friends in a group and enjoy yourselves as friends and leave the big kids stuff a few years.
  • Hey kid. Buy yourself some candy ok?
  • It will come to you when you do it,.. I'm sure he's feelin the same way,.. but why dont you wait to make out, you have your whole life to do that. What are you in 6th or 7th grade
  • a peck on the mouth would be fine. you dont need to make out at your age
  • Well i think your pretty young. i only had my first kiss last year and i'm 15 now. but just follow what the guy does.
  • I would say just a kiss on the Cheek....your a little young to even be having a boyfriend
  • Oooh good for you! ;) My first bit of advice... BREATH! Even just thinking about it probably makes you start to breath shallowly... it's really important to relax and enjoy life... Practice this... slowly take a deep breath through your nose, relax and then slowly exhale by blowing through your pierced lips... My second bit of advice... RELAX AND GO SLOW! If you're stressed out and you go really fast... it's not going to be any fun! Enjoy ;)
  • well helloooooooooooooooo its your first kiss lol dont sweat it i dont think he'll go all the way,ok?
  • You are to young to make out you are still a child, enjoy being young, don't rush your life away, enjoy every moment
  • If you were my 12 year old I would smack you for thinking such things.
  • if he s all so 12 its more then likely his first time to and he s just as bad at it as you,,,just dont crack up when he makes his move

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