• Yes, it will be the End of an Error!
  • no. its not my birfday!
  • I...don't get it..? What's on that day?
  • What happens on January 20, 2009?
  • I'll be glad that the Shrub is gone, but I'm not sure I'll be celebrating the incoming president. If it's Hillary, it's bound to be more of the same crap. The Bushes and Clintons have been friends and cronies for ages. If it by some miracle it is Ron Paul, I'll be dancing in the streets. He's probably too much of a long shot. But someone who has been in congress 30 years and never once voted for a tax increase is OK by me. Someone who thinks we should be focusing our time, money and policy on the US instead of trying to take over/intimidate the Middle East is OK by me.
  • I really don't know. The current administration is obviously, if not inept, then at least corrupt. But the Democratic-controlled Congress and Senate don't seem to be interested in doing anything about it. Oh sure, they nail Alberto Gonzalez. But Border Agents Ramon and Compien are sitting in jail for 11 and 12 years, respectively, for shooting a known drug dealer in the ass. We've already lost damn near 4,000 troops in Iraq, and that isn't going to get better. New Orleans is still a disaster area two years later. Just because Dubya is leaving, I think the damage that has been caused in the last eight years will take much longer to repair.
  • It depends who wins
  • Yes but not beacause Bush is leaving office but because hopefully it will be a fresh new start. Howevwewr to all the dems out there you had better hope someone other than Barak or Hilaary wins the nomination otherwise it will more than likely be another 4 years of a republican administration
  • That will depend upon who the new "decider" is. :)
  • January 20, 2009 will be like New Year's Eve and the 4th of July all rolled into one!!
  • I'm not an American and I will be celebrating!!!!!!!!
  • Certainly, as long as it's not a Republican being inaugurated President.I have a feeling that it will be Barack Obama.
  • Have you guys seen Y2W? The event to celebrate Bush's depature. Visit for more information. Visit - After EIGHT LONG YEARS of suffering, change will arrive and Disaster Relieft begins. Everyone is asking What is Y2W? You've heard of Y2K. Well, Y2W is the countdown not to an anticipated disaster, but to Disaster Relief and W's Final Day as President of the United States on 01.20.09. Join the Y2W campaign - Y2W is looking to find 1,000,000 supporters who want to celebrate George W. Bush's exit from the White House. 01.19.09 on the eve of Bush's last day, there's going to be a need to celebrate, kick back and have a few drinks. Y2W will be the event for America to celebrate change, but we need you to support our grassroots effort. Visit and on MySpace and Facebook and become a Y2W friend today.
  • Yes, of course!

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