• Yeah- I do it all the time- lol- your bf must be pretty insecure if he gets worried by that...
  • I think it's just normal to look at others as you pass them by. Sounds like your bf is jealous.
  • I'm a people watcher in general but if a man is especially attractive I avoid eye contact, lol. My hubby will get a little flustered if we have an especially attractive server (for example), then he gets more flustered because he catches himself acting the fool and knows I'm watching. So I know he notices, too. As long as you are aware of what you are doing and are not initiating anything I do not see anything wrong with it. Some people see a *little* jealousy as good because they care about losing you but the root of it is usually insecurity or need for control...
  • Yeah it's normal to glance at people as they walk by, unless you're obviously staring at them. In which case, yeah...that could be troublesome!
  • What does he want you to do - wear blinders? You're not a horse, for Cripe's sake!! Yes, I glance at people passing - it's called the power of observation!
  • I don't think I 'browse' people. If I am passing them by I am looking at their face and smiling. I think if I was checking them out I couldn't honestly just smile, I'd probably blush too much. But man or woman, I smile and maybe say good day.

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