• Not all of them, but I do have one we call Wet Dog because that's the way it smells. We use it to take the dogs to the beach.
  • yes, when I was young my mom drove a junker around, (tight budget) she callet it betsy when I bought a blue box van , it was covered with body puty painted over, we called it BUB (big ugly and blue) my current car is cristy my ist car was charlie !
  • Yes, our former car was named Trishia. It has allways something to do with the number plate.
  • I don't but my husband calls our Green Explorer (V8 5.0 ltr) Banner, as in Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk.
  • My car's name is Linda Louise
  • always, my gramparents on both sides had all there cars named, and we are followin tradition. the truck is "the big", mom's buick is the "buck" my sisters jeep is "gunny" and her car is "travis" and my car i named "isabelle" because i got it at the time of Isabelle the hurricane. but i call her "girly" most of the time. the honda is "bluebutt" and the blazer's name is so bad i refuse to repeat it.
  • I used to refer to my mini-van I used for work as the Falcon, as in Millennium Falcon from Han Solo in Star Wars fame. I even had personalized plates that said MFALCON (M is even the right roman numeral)and would you believe I got asked what it meant all the time? Someone thought Maltese Falcon like I'm some kind of Humphrey Bogart fan or something.
  • No, no one in my family does. To me, it's just like having an imaginary friend... Or naming a teddy bear...
  • My betty is sat outside just now! I didnt thnk i would name it but the reg ends in bty so thought i would call it betty
  • Franky, Franky Jr., Franky the third. All chrystlers :).
  • The naming of cars... written by Marti Goldstein , July 28, 2008 Was a tradition that my mom and dad started for me back in the 1960's..... We had the "blue tiger", the "Hillbilly" and I can't remember the name of the many others that came down the road. When my daughter was young in the 80's, I had a 1965 Dodge Dart with 3 on the tree...... That was "Mommy's Old Lady Race Car" because daddy had a 1970 Camaro with stick. My 1993 Geo Metro was "Gina". And we have had Vinnie (Vincent VAN Gogh) for a mini van that was missing one of the black bumper guards, Emily, for a blue van, because my step son (then 5 or so) had a crush on Emily in school. Enzo (for Enzo Ferrari) for my daughter's first car (an old ford taurus that couldn't get out of it's own way)and the most recent "Korie" for our 2002 Kia Sedona.
  • my car is lola and i love her
  • Names my Voyager "Vger" for uncle bill.
  • My car is named "Snoopy".
  • CAmmy for my CAmaro, Old blue for my truck, The bike for my Motorcycle, Old girl for my work car. Okay so they aren't originals but yiou asked!
  • Mines, Betsy
  • I had a friend who named her very old and rusty Honda Civic "Faustino". Why? I have no idea.
  • "Marauder" was a buddies ex-cop car, another was a big Mercury named "The Shark", there was an old Lincoln we called "Excalibur", "The Pumpkin Hauler" was a half ton, my 4x4 was "Digger".
  • My wife and I named our firt car Yuna and the new one is Vincent
  • My daughter's Hyundai Tiburon GT "Bruce" I had an orange 1970 Challenger,it had so much Bondo on it ,we named it "Orange Crush"
  • I had a car I named 'Silver Bullet' and another I named 'White Shadow'.
  • Well let's see, we have had: 1. Bee, because she was a yellow old Toyota that reminded me of a Bee. 2. Pretty, because she was our first brand new truck, Ford ranger. Not compatible with kids. 3. Tiny, small white Pontiac. Paid $300 and drove it for 2 years! 4. Lil' Red...who belonged in the hood. Spectrum. 5. Lil Bit with an Itch. Because she was a b***h to fix. Pontiac Lemans. 6. Mi'Lady..short for Lady Marmalade, Ford Taurus that was always in the road and very expensive to fix. 7. Old Grey Mare...she really wasn't what she use to be. We paid $300 for her and drove her for about 2 years, when she died none of the doors would open with out a wrench, the rear left tire was leaning in, the exhaust was shot, the sun roof leaked. It was bad! Mercury Sable. 8. Nkechi, Nikki for short. My first mini van. I loved that thing! I cried for two days when she failed. 9. Baby, my next mini van. POS! The private seller knew it was a POS. The transmission blew sawdust when it went out on us. 10. White Girl. Current mini van. She is old and slowly dying. I will miss her when she goes. 11. Oluchi. I pick a 2009 Jeep up next month. Why is she called Oluchi, well look up the meaning for the name and you may understand. She was won, not bought, but trust me I am still paying a good chunk of money in taxes for her!
  • Sort of: My friend and I were driving his mini van into work a few weeks ago. At that time there was A LOT of snow on the ground, we had gotten 26 inches in 24 hours a few days before. His van was absolutely TERRIBLE in the snow. Up until recently I had a similar van with all wheel drive which drove through the snow like a wet dream, this was different, very dry. We decided he needed a name for the van (separate conversation but they link up quickly). I suggested and we decided on Sodomy. Sodomy is TERRIBLE in the snow. Sodomy is definitely not for winter. Worst thing about Sodomy in the winter is all the extra gas. You are definitely going to want chains for Sodomy in the snow. Otherwise there's just too much sliding around. If you're going to try Sodomy in the snow you'd better be prepared to get stuck. Bring your shovel. Conversely my car, an all wheel drive Subaru, is wonderful in the snow. Thus we decided it's name would be Fellatio. Fellatio is just fine in the snow. Fellatio is good any time of year. Fellatio does NOT require chains. Fellatio gets things done.

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