• Sounds like the throttle control is sticking/binding, either due to a bad bearing or a throttle cable that is binding. If either of these is the case you will notice immediate loss of tension in the accelerator pedal. Park the car and let it idle, open the hood and look for the throttle (a semicirclular pulley usually doubled up with a secondary semicircular pulley-type assembly that is the cruise controller) which should be attached to the driver's side of the throttle body/intake manifold. You should apply some silicone lubricant to the cable near the sheathing and make sure it is moving smoothly, and inspect the entire length of the cables for oxidation or wear. If there's nothing wrong with the cables, it could be the TPS - throttle position sensor, but that's fairly unlikely. You should have a professional run an OBD-2 diagnostic on the ECU to detect any defects in the TPS.
  • The Lincoln Navigator (2002) has a recall for this type of problem. Maybe you should check with a dealership to see if there is a similar recall for you car.
  • I had a Mercury that did that to me... scared the living daylights out of me!!! Anyways, in my case it was a dirty IACV(Idle Air Control Valve), might try checking that out.
  • I had that problem with a Chevrolet. It nearly killed me because the accelerator would open up wide. We replaced generators and various other things but that didn't correct it. I believe it might have been a bent throttle plate. As another responder advised, you should check to see if there is a recall. Also you should report it. If there are enough reports they may have to recall your model.
  • You might look into the Cruise Control System too!! Just a thought.
  • Oooooooh, the car is posessed and it wants you dead
  • unless your car is "Christine's" cousin, perhaps there is a glitch in your cruise control. Get that checked soon

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