• No I do not like children. Mine (I have none), yours, the neighbors, my sister in law's. I find them too confusing/energetic/'wild'/spontaneous/etc. and I can not relate with them at any level. I also have a small fear of children. I fear breaking them or stepping on them or hurting them accidentally - not physically I'm speaking emotionally/mentally. I'm not the type of guy who is cut out to be a father - or so I believe. Others tell me I would make a wonderful parent, that any child I raised would be a great person. I have serious doubts about that.
  • No. I love(other's) babies, but only for awhile. My son, niece and nephew are all grown-- they were the only three I liked around me for any length of time.
  • No. Don't know why I have never had that look at the baby thing. I don't hate them, just not crazy about others peoples kids. Maybe because so many people think you should be a crazy and falling ouver their kids as much as they are! There was a lady with twins just today. The little girl was so cute the little boy I could have cared less about!
  • Just my nephews, but I'll never have children.
  • No I cannot say I do. I am not a baby person and although I love children as they get more interesting I still find being around them hurtful and difficult.
  • Yes, they are so cute. I love them. Except when they like imitating fighters.
  • Yes they are adorable. I love watching them learn about our world!
  • Absolutely! Their honesty and uncluttered view of the world is refreshing and very enjoyable. It helps me reevaluate my priorities and remember just how full of wonder the world really is.
  • I have a 6 year old and I love children.
  • love em, love em, love em!
  • Generally speaking, I don't like them. I certainly would not want any of my own.
  • They can be excellent if you use the correct seasonings. :-)

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