• Not entirely.
  • no, but sometimes you can make a preconceived notion on them from it
  • It depends. I make a conscious effort to dress nicely because I am aware that the way I dress and carry myself are reflections of my personality. Personally, I think that someone who wears their pants half-way down their legs with a wife beater doesn't exactly convey a sense of class or charm. =)
  • No. That would be prejudice.
  • In Genesis 3:21, God made modest, comfortable garments for Adam and Eve. Pro 11:2 mentions the we should not be presumptuous, but modest and wise. Mosaic law stipulated that men should not dress as women and vise versa. These guidelines are God's way of helping us to make wise choices, not so that we can "prejudge" someone else. We are expected to apply this council in our own behavior.
  • You may get some indications of -- none of which should be taken as gospel. These would not be a "prediction," as they follow from, not forecast who they are. .

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