• I think getting preachy and moral about this sort of thing can only lead to negative consequences. Would you let your son stand there in a bikini with a car wash sign? As long as nobody gets hurt, I really can't see the problem. And I really doubt anything negative could come of this. Besides, a father or mother forcibly stopping their daughter from wearing a bikini just seems perverted.
  • Young girl, say what, 14 through 17, in a bikini washing my car? Gee, that should be quite a show, I mean, I would feel a bit like a pervert, but it would be interesting to watch! Can I stick dollar bills in her bikini as well? I don't mind tipping to help give her career as a titty dancer a boost! Think long and hard before you let your child partake in something in like this, believe me the guys are.
  • I do not have a daughter, so I cant really comment.. .but from my point of view its all in good fun... I'd just be a bit... careful, incase some kinda sickos do turn up =p
  • Um, no.
  • No I would not like that ( if I had a daughter that age).
  • No. High schools do that a lot where I live. Driving by and catching a girl in a bikini top makes me think HMMM... then to find out that she's in high school makes me feel creepy. BUT -- there are people out there that don't feel creepy about it. Those are the people I would protect my child from. There are way too many stories of girls getting kidnapped and killed and later we find out the killer saw the girl in a store or somewhere innocuous. Why make it more appealing for the crazy guy? If my daughter gets upset at me for stopping her, so be it. At some point you have to protect them. When I taught high school and needed to raise money for my debate team, we sold Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • I wouldn't let my daughter stand ANYWHERE in a bikini. Because I wouldn't let her stand anywhere in her underwear. And using one's body to make money is, um, not something I tend to condone.
  • Sex for money..that's just horrible ;)
  • High school is too young to be flashing (most of) your body to earn money. I don't think most high schools would allow that, not with the strict rules they have now. My kids can't even wear a tank top to school.
  • It's just high school. I think it's perfectly fine. Most of the time, soccer mom vans pull through to those car washes. It's just a bikini. No big deal.
  • I wouldn't favor it. I don't mind my child raising money for a car wash or standing on the corner with a sign. But the bikini? That's purely using sex appeal to lure customers. We teach young men and women to objectify each other in the sublest of ways. If my daughter is on the beach in a bikini and others admire her body, kudos to her. If she's on the corner luring customers with skin, there's something wrong with that.
  • No. Why does it need to be a bikini? Why not some shorts and sleeveless top? Surprised at the thinking of whoever thought up this one!
  • Who said she would own a bikini in the first place? I don't think its right. High schoolers are 13-18 years old and especially for the lower age range there, its not appropriate. I will just give my kid the money for the darn trip if we decide she can go. My husband would flip if his daughter was out there showing her body to strangers like that!
  • a bikini is a bikini..... as long as she wasn't in danger of getting hit by a passing car and wore sunscreen, i would be okay with it. if i let her go to the beach or pool in a bikini, why not advertising for a good cause? Adult store's advertising offends W N residents (Original publication: August 7, 2007) W N - Local officials are seeking a ban on offensive advertising after a grand opening advertisement for an adult store infuriated some residents. Residents said they were mortified to see two bikini-clad women standing in children's-sized swimming pools and splashing each other with water while holding signs advertising the store, called The Bedroom. "This is disgusting," said Gail Gisonni, 45, who was driving to the neighboring ShopRite on Saturday with her two teenage sons when she saw the advertisement. "You don't do this in the middle of the daytime on a Saturday afternoon." County Legislator VJ Pradhan said he saw the advertisement over the weekend as he was driving on Route 59 and that he would look into drafting a local law or resolution that would prohibit such advertising. "I told my wife, 'Oh, my God, look at this, this is shocking,'" he said. "This kind of thing, to me, is very obscene and I'm going to see if I can put some ban. This does not belong in R C."
  • NO NO NO. I have a hard time when my daughter wears her bathing suit to the pool. Most men are pigs, sorry, lol
  • What are her alternatives?
  • well i would let her stand there ina one peice, but not a bikini because bikinis are just ways to get people to think "sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex!!"
  • No, I think it sends the wrong message. I wouldn't want my daughter to sell herself or promote something using her sex appeal.
  • maybe not since she might attract the wrong guys
  • 8-25-2017 In California a girl in a bikini is considered to be fully dressed, but even there they expect people to dress appropriately. The appropriate outfit for a car wash is short pants and shirt, perhaps tied at the waist.

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