• Not an expert here but I have used these methods: If you're using windows Go to "Control Panel" and to the "Add or remove programs" option. Remove any programs you rarely use. Another way is to go to the icon "C" drive and right click then select "Properties" There are several options there as well to maximize disk space, defragmentize it, etc. If you have a CD burner make copies. It's a good idea to have some programs or files you don't want to erase but you feel you might need for later stored in CDs.
  • The first thing to do is empty your recycle bin, this can reclaim quite a lot of space. If you have another hard drive or partition you can move a lot of data files to it (in Windows Explorer or My computer drag them to the new location with the RIGHT mouse button and select Move Here from the menu that appears when you release the button. If you have a CD or DVD burner burn music, picture and video files to CD or DVD then delete them from your C: drive. Next use Control Panel... Add or Remove programs to get rid of programs you never use. As a last couple of steps run disk cleanup from Start... All Programs... Accessories... System Tools and finally defragment your hard drive - Start... All Programs... Accessories... System Tools... Disk Defragmenter. It would be a good idea to run anti virus and anti spyware/adware programs as well.
  • Thumb drives are awfully cheap and some are very large. Copy all your pictures into a thumb drive, and then any files you don't use often. Thumb drives are more reliable than DVDs in my experience.
  • 12-12-2016 Go to "Crap Cleaner" and run it. Then go through all your folders, highlight the files you don't need any more, and press Del. Get a thumb drive and move files you want to save into it. Use the right button to drag them there, and after you drop, select "Move Here".
  • Transfer the excess files onto a memory stick.
  • download Privazer. It will remove ALL unnecessary files.
  • Get Privazer to stop hibernation,get rid of extra update files and go to add and remove programs to get rid of a few huge programs you hardly use.Save whatever videos and games you want to a disk,then delete them.
  • It happened to me several times and what I noticed is that each time the system offered to clean some space automatically, for example, it may offer to delete old updates, and other data the system may not need anymore. If you want to clear some space manually, you can simply delete files that you do not need anymore (go to File Explorer, choose This PC, pick Downloads or other directory, right-click the file you wish to erase and press Delete) or move files to removable media devices (Flash disks, external hard drives, etc.).

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