• Truth.
  • Truth!
  • This is very true! If the mind is not open to learning new things and new experiences it will be closed...and if it is closed how can it let anything in for it to grow! Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when open!
  • True. Truth is constantly taking stock of yourself and admitting your mistakes. Our personal truth is all we have and if we stop looking into ourselves because we think we have completed the journey to enlightenment and have attained THE truth, we derail. Truth is not a one size fits all thing. A canned ham answer to all life's questions is not the truth it's a slogan. Beware the need to rearrange the question to fit the truth.
  • True. After opening yourself up to the possibility, then there's the need to evaluate it on proper terms. Open your mind up to murder, but evaluate it in terms of harm, suffering, morality, expense, incarceration, hardship, disruption, and any other appropriate value of which you may be aware. Same goes for less severe decisions: going to a party for someone with whose lifestyle you cannot agree, defraud a credit card company, take an overseas job, marry the pregnant girlfriend, listen to an unfamiliar music genre, hang out in a biker bar and have sex on the pool table, ... Sometimes it's better to walk away, and other times the opportunity is golden.
  • It is true. Why close yourself to the outside world? Appreciate different points of view, listen, learn and take with you what you consider will make you grow.
  • Definitely truth. However, I think that some of the ways we think are so ingrained in our minds that it's hard for some of us to look outside the box. I had such a narrow point of view until I started reading a lot more, studying philosophy, and interacting with more and more people, and I can still be pretty closed-minded at times.
  • VERY true. I had a debate with some people older than me and more set in their ways about the newer Christian music that the younger generation enjoys. They kept saying that it should remain the way it has for years...just hymns. I gave them two main points...1. Hymns weren't always the main music, at some point the music CHANGED into hymns with words and chords and not just a single note hummed with no words and 2. If they don't get the young generation involved in the church, which may take a different type of service and music, then you won't have a church left at all in future years. Open minds are necessary for growth.
  • Truth :)
  • Sounds mostly true to me. While closing one's mind to not possible things and locking one's thoughts to those proven to be absolutely true will not stop growth in other areas ... just plain closing one's mind in general, will severely hinder personal growth.
  • Truth. When we think we know everything that is the moment when we stop learning.
  • Truth.
  • I think that is true

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