by Anonymous on November 5th, 2005



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What is the highest number of recorded sexual partners one person has had?

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  • by AB-BrazenGirl on November 19th, 2005


    I have heard over the years that it was the basketball player Wilt Chamberlain who had been with the most people. He claimed to have been with over 20,000 women. Some say he was lying but most agree it was probably at least half of this number.

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  • by Mildbill on December 30th, 2007


    at one time? *500 is a number many have shot for in this regard*

  • by racerhead on October 23rd, 2007


    surely a long serving sex worker could give us an idea. I know of a prostitute who has worked regularly for around 15 years. She does 2 or 3 days a week in brothels around the home counties( london england)and reports seeing roughly 25 guys a week.

    does this count?

    sure is a busy lady in this respect

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  • by christine barney on December 29th, 2005

    christine barney

    This would be very tough to verify as some are prone to exaggeration.

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