• This should be a crazy question. We should all be voting for whomever is best. But, here we are, where we know that we are going to be given a choice between terrible and horrible, and yet, 90% of us will still hold our noses and pull the lever for one of the two worst candidates ever (well, since the last major election LOL). OR... we could all decide that enough is enough and vote third party. "Why? Isn't is throwing away your vote? What a waste!" - No, it's democracy. Every single vote for a third party is telling the two major parties that they are in danger of losing control. There is absolutely no reason, at this point in time, to believe that either of them deserve to have control, so let's do the right thing and place them both right in the rubbish bin where they belong and whence they came.
  • Merit who will do the best job. Even if I hate the person as long as they do a good job.Dont reneg on what they say they are going to do. See why its near imposable to find a local politician to vote for. Most like a well spoken liar or are the elections rigged, the duding system ensures the election appears to be honest but fixes the result behind the seens I think.

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