• Absolutely.
  • I never was 'loyal' to Trump. I think he did many things right, and if he hadn't been such a big mouth braggart I think he would have been much better accepted. I'd have trouble voting for him if he decided to run on a democratic ticket. I just can't vote democrat.
  • As the sargent told me hes just anouther head of the same beast. Maybe he says a few things he likes better than dementia Joe. Lets be honest If he was going to drain the swamp he would of done it last time . It doesn't matter who you vote for you only get a politician.
    • Army Veteran
      Let's consider this scenario: You promise your child that you'll take him to the park. But before you can go, a situation comes up that makes you have to postpone the trip. Then something else comes up. Later on, something else comes up. Now multiply that by 4 years. This is what Trump was faced with. He spent his entire administration defending himself against scandal after scandal and two impeachments so that there was little or no chance of taking care of business. Trump never got a moment's peace the entire time he was President - the attacks started before he was sworn in and they still continue two years after leaving office. You have to look at the overall picture and have the courage to ask that one important question that no one seems to care enough to ask: "WHY?" In this case, the magic question is "WHY didn't Trump drain the swamp?"
    • 11stevo73
      Is it a case of too many on the gravy train its impossible?
    • bostjan64
      1. When you are president, you face scrutiny. 2. If he hadn't done anything improper, his impeachment would have never required his attention, so whose fault was it that he kept spinning so many scandal plates instead of getting anything important done? 3. With point #2 in mind, does anyone REALLY think that his presidency would have ever actually held politicians accountable for their transgressions? If you answer yes, then I have some oceanfront property in North Dakota to sell you.
  • Not loyal, but disloyal. That doesn't mean I don't like him. 😅
  • Never was.
  • Never was, never will. After watching the first season of The Apprentice, I realized what a self centered phony he is. It's too bad that not enough American voters watched that program.
    • Army Veteran
      Interesting that you judge him as a phony. So tell did this "phony" get to be as successful as he is? What you're calling "phony" is actually an example of high standards. High standards is the only thing that will turn you into a successful billionaire. Now that your boy Biden is in office, let's look at his high standards - oh, sorry, he has none. A secure border, a great economy, maintaining peace throughout the world - including negotiating favorable deals with China (not selling out to China as Biden is doing) - these are all of the things your "phony" has done. So you didn't like him on The Apprentice - you thought he was a bully. Now, you judge him not by his accomplishments but emotionally. Don't feel bad - your brethren Liberals are doing the same thing.
    • bostjan64
      Well, how successful was he? Now that the taxes you didn't want anyone to see are out in the open, it looks like he had zero business success, and after two impeachments and a loss at re-election, how successful was his foray into politics? I don't think he's as bad as the loudmouth democrats want us to believe, but there isn't any evidence that he was good, either. Trump's trade war on China did what good exactly? He ran on the promises to enact term limits on congress, deport all of the muslims from the USA, and to bring back American manufacturing jobs... how many of those things happened?
  • Nope and never was. Didn't trust him then and don't trust him now. I wish he would just shut the **** up. I never trusted Biden either but I didn't think he would be as worthless as he is.
    • Army Veteran
      Reasons for not trusting him?
    • Thinker
      He constantly lets his alligator mouth overload his J-bird ass.
  • No, I never was a fan of him. I'm hoping both he and the current old geezer in office choose not to run for office again next time. 1/23/23
    • Army Veteran
      You watched The Apprentice, I see.
    • dalcocono
      Hehehe! Good insight. I only watched a bit of it to formulate my opinion on "the Donald".

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