• Yes. Certainly that is ONE consideration, and it is an IMPORTANT consideration. It is, of course, not the ONLY consideration, and it is also not the MOST important consideration (but it IS a VERY important consideration).
  • I don't think the USA cares look at your president and vice president. Does Joe know what hes talking about half the time? All Kamala does is cackle .
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      A college education and 30• years of experience in Congress should at least carry a little bit of weight (not a lot but a little) on the resume, don’t you think? It’s better than no experience or never held public office anywhere.
    • Army Veteran
      "Better than no experience"? Compare Biden to Trump. Trump brought jobs back to America (after Obama said he would "need a magic wand"), moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (after every other president promised to but didn't), negotiated successful trade deals with other countries that benefitted America, began building a wall to secure the border to stop illegal immigration, etc - all without "political experience". Biden, on the other hand, has had 50 years of political experience and he has dragged America into the sewers. Is that the kind of "experience" you want to see in a politician?
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      High tariffs brought jobs to U.S.? Americans businesses pay for that, not the country the goods were exported from. Doubt that helps American businesses nor did they want to pay the high cost. Some of those jobs went overseas or neighboring countries to avoid the high production cost.
  • If you had to go to the hospital for emergency surgery, would you care if the doctors there were qualified? (How has civilization lasted this long...? 😒)
  • As long as the person is honest and wants to do good for the people.
  • I want a political candidate to be qualified. If I was living in GA I would never vote for Hershell Walker. He's an idiot. He was violent with women and he was a hypocrite saying he was against abortion then paying for several women's abortions.
    • Army Veteran
      Okay...I see where you're coming from. You're against Hershel Walker because he was **ACCUSED** of paying for two abortions but it was never **PROVEN** ("guilt by accusation") and being "violent with women". But you support Raphael Warnock - who hit his wife with his car and refused to take care of his children. What was that word you used...? "HYPOCRITE"? ¶ You don't give a rat's ass about "being qualified". The only qualification you care about is the candidate being a Democrat.

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