• (Political) Zionism. ¶ I fully agree with people's assessment of Zionism and how it has always advocated for the return of the Jews to their homeland. But, would someone please explain the establishment of Zionism in 1895? If Zionism has been "alive and well" since Biblical days, why would they have to re-establish themselves in 1895? ¶ Using the reputation of a respectable group doesn't automatically make you respectable. There is a clear separation between church and state - it's one of the ideals that the United States recognizes. "Zionism" in the Biblical sense is cultural/religious. The "Zionism" that was established in 1895 is political. There is a vast difference between the two that people can't seem to grasp. Israel would never exist as a sovereign state had it not been for political manipulation that pulled America into WW1. Contrary to what people have been led to believe, the campaign to acquire Palestine to establish the state of Israel in the years leading up to WW1 was never about "establishing a homeland for the Jews" - it was about creating a political state where the Zionists could control the Middle East and Britain could exploit the area's resources. Populating it with Jews served to make it appear to be a respectable act much the same as Al Capone and other mobsters of the 1920s hid their activities using respectable businesses. ¶ Everyone is afraid to question the facts for fear of being labeled "antisemitic". But the word "antisemitic" is used by the political Zionists as a form of censorship so they won't be criticized and exposed for what they're doing. "Controlling the banks and the media" is not stereotyping. Get off your asses and do some research - stop accepting things at face value simply because it's the easiest path to follow.
  • Zionism: a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. *** And: I assume you are referring specifically to the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). *** Arguably Zionism is more powerful since Israel has "the bomb". *** But one should not discount the influence that the RCC has. As far as worldwide influence, the RCC is far, far, far more influential than is Israel. More than half of all Christians worldwide are adherents of the RCC. *** But the RCC has never (?) held any significant MILITARY power. Even in its most influential period, the World's most significant military power was entirely in the hands of governments. Even during the Crusading Era, all the Pope could do was to incite a Crusade ( was NOT always the Pope who did so), and such incitement merely gave RCC nobility an opportunity for foreign conquest. That is: they could feel relatively safe about leading troops into far distant territory without having their home demesne conquered in their absence, because the neighbors who were a military threat to them were ALSO leading troops into that SAME far distant territory.
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