• Both. Here are the differences:,much%20of%20a%20normal%20life.
  • I thought the only difference was that a sociopath is created by circumstances or conditions of their environment.
  • Are we back to this fork in the road again? What did I do this time?
    • Shadow
      The question is not meant for you. It’s a general question. You did nothing this time.
    • Army Veteran
      Good to hear. You need to get over your obsession with this sort of thing. It reminds me of a guy in Yahoo Answers who was obsessed with what would happen if he bit his brachial artery. He would ask the question repeatedly every day. The guy obviously had a few squirrels loose in his attic.
    • Shadow
      Obsession with what exactly?
  • Both and narcissists, both sociopaths and psychopaths have narcissistic traits.
    • Linda Joy
      I hadn't thought of that. My daughter-in-love is a narcissist. It does explain some things. Sometimes it's difficult to separate the illness from the person and realize its not their fault they think that way. Thank you for that answer.
    • Creamcrackered
      I've been around psychopath and narcissist, hopefully it will never be a hattrick, they are all very manipulative because they see relationships as an exchange of power, ie what can I use you for. They don't form emotional bonds like us. Always gaslighting.

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