• people at home more = less crime *** people away from home more = more crime *** probably has more to do with the victims being at home - making the home less prone to crime - than it does with the criminals being stuck at home because they are sick *** also probably has a lot to do with the "free money if you aren't working" program that was in effect for over a year
    • Linda Joy
      It makes the homes and the victims less available.
  • I don't know that crime is actually "down", but with the Dems in control as they are and the way they tend to turn a blind eye to crime, it's quite possible that it's just being underreported. Skewing reports of any kind of activity to make Bumbling Joe look good is not beyond the realm of believability in a time when everything he touches turns into a trainwreck.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you look at the link? Or dismiss it without consideration because it didn't support your political narrative? :) :). I thought you said you were a realist! This appears to be political bias to me. I believe the stats for the very reason bible guy said. People couldn't go out and party/eat/socialize so there were less victims available. My point was when you force people to stay in their homes it is similar to locking them up and does lower crime. In hindsight it shouldn't have been done. It hurt the economy severely, but we didn't know what was coming at the time and we weren't being given all the truth. Now we know better what things worked and what didn't.
    • 1465
      Admittedly, I passed it by. After just looking at it, it doesn't change anything (some things are predictable). "Lower crime rates?" So how are they classifying "peaceful protests" that burned down some sectors of major cities? And lest we forget Black Lives Matter - that lively group whose idea of "equality" never included "all lives matter". And don't forget blocking major roadways and damaging vehicles in protest - and targeting law enforcement. What categories should these statistics go into? "Lower crime rates?" - lower in a few common categories, perhaps, but the uncategorized crimes push the overall statistics beyond what they're claiming, wouldn't you think?
    • Linda Joy
      No, I think, generally speaking crime was lower because victims were not as plentiful.
    • 1465
      I think you're wrong. There are lots of reasons for crime to appear lower: silent media, skewed statistics, legalizing crime (thanks, Linus - you make a good point), not prosecuting crimes, etc. Any time you read about something that makes the Biden administration look good, take it with a grain of cyanide. No train wreck ever has a happy ending.
  • When you legalize crime it is no wonder that crime rates go down.
  • Crime is definitely up in my area. Lots of frustration, poverty and anger. 😈
  • 30 may 2022 ~~~~ we have many woman murdered a year here by partners ....we are not in any lock down anymore in australia for few months now ......
  • Is not surprising if the mobility at the time has greatly reduced. Fewer people going outside the home means fewer opportunities to go into those homes. Fewer people on the streets means fewer thieves and victims. Crime will shift more and more to the Internet in the future.

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