• Yes. Abortion is an ugly thing. It makes the mother a baby killer. If a woman doesn’t want to keep her baby she should give the baby to an adoption place. People who are for abortion obviously have anger issues going on and no respect for life. We are all at our weakest stage when we were babies.
    • Hulk70166
      The South needs more white babies. The population is shifting against whites. That's why so many red states like Virginia, Georgia, New Mexico and Arizona are now purple. That is the reason behind the "abortion" controversy. They know poor uneducated whites vote Republican and they don't want them aborted.
  • It depends on what stage the fetus was.
  • To make a parent suffer with an unwanted child is much worse for both the parents and the unwanted child.
  • In some circumstances, its more complicated than that, pregnancy can also take a toll on a woman's body, even put their life at risk. It's not a black and white scenario. I don't like abortions, especially in a developed fetus because he/she will have her limbs pulled off, and her brain crushed, it's pretty grotesque. If anything trying to get woman to act as soon as possible if they think they could be pregnant, and do not want it, and give them all choices and scenarios making them fully informed without bias, is the best way to go from my viewpoint.
  • Half of pregnancies already result in miscarriage. Murder has nothing to do with it. Either way life is lost. Life is cruel-period. Live with it and don't blame a woman because she wants as much control over her body has a man does.
    • Linus van Pelt
      Yet she better get that vaccine or else!!!
    • Hulk70166
      Yes everyone should be vaxed, except you. lol
  • The 21st century and people still worship and sacrifice their children to the pagan fertility gods.

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