• Don't take it personal. Some have legitimate concerns. I wear it and if I don't have a mask with me...I just turnaround and leave. No harm.
  • its far from over, governments just want us to learn to live with it ..a mask will help keep you safe ...
  • If you are in a confined area with people you don't know or on public transportation, wear a mask.
  • It's not over yet. It is raging in some areas.
  • Unfortunately, various state laws don't all reflect being on the same page. If the baker you mentioned is complying with your state's current mandate, then you have no case. If they're just a bunch of paranoid Liberals, I would have just said as I walked out, "that's fine - there are other bakers who would appreciate my business."
  • Its not over. Its still creating more variants. We're not out of the woods we're just in a clearing. 😏
  • Covid isn't over , we have it under control with vaccination, Some people feel safer by mask wearing .
  • COVID isn't over. That is why there are numerous boosters. Plus there are variants with various degrees of seriousness , health issues, contagion.
  • In some places of our country, it is still raging (NY, NJ).
  • Not really over. My daughter teaches and there are 100 teachers in her school out with Covid. 30% of the students also have Covid. Wear your mask in enclosed areas.

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